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11 Replies to “What is going on with the various investigations in Washington?”

  1. With luck we will get a lot of the Obama and Clinton Crime Families put into prison. I would like to see both the Cintons and the Obamas put i nto the pen but think this is probably going a step or two too far.

  2. This is dense. As more info comes out it becomes clearer the Trump election victory was an even more epic defeat for these forces of darkness. MSM will do all it can to suppress, twist and turn it, and it’s up to alternative media to get the truth out.

    • Right now we are the front line in the counter revolution, if we can keep the heat on thru 2024 we have a good chance to remove 90% or better of the Deep State from the US Government. We will be doing this while fighting several external enemies. It is going to be very rough and the readicla left is going to resist violently as it becomes obvious that they aren’t going to win at the ballot box.

    • My Russki’s made very similar comments.
      KGB – Soviet Mafia ? Deep State – transnational reach, objectives.

      I don’t think Stalin deserves the “credit” for a specific, longterm conspiracy – aha! – to destroy this country. It’s been a process, a set of tactics in a war that never ended. Lenin and Stalin have had successors, even if we’re unable to name them.

      • The collapse isn’t over yet, we are fighting back and stand a good chance of restoring the US to something resembling what we use to be. Individual freedom and rights are what matter, as long as we maintain both we can rebuild the society and culture.

  3. The problem with videos like this is they make one’s eyes glaze over. All the foreign names and interconnections are more than, dare I say, 80% of the general public is willing or able to follow.
    So, I would rate this video of very low utility.

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