Segment 2 of Eric Zemmour’s now banned speech from Youtube, given September 28

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  1. “Below, the speech by Eric Zemmour, delivered in Paris on September 28:
    “Hello. Ah, I see there are quite a few of you! I… I didn’t expect that. I had been warned but didn’t believe it. All these people who come when you talk about a convention of the right, a union of the right, of bringing together all forces of the right, of a popular and – who knows? – even populist gathering, of an alliance between the Rassemblement National [ex-National Front] and the Républicains [center right], of a gathering bringing together populists and the dissidents of France Insoumise [far left]. So many impossible, forbidden words. I’ve been told that people love their illusions but I didn’t think it was to this point.

    But, really, where do you think you are? In the United States? In Hungary? In Poland? In Italy? In Austria? Do you really believe you’re going to avoid Marine [Le Pen]-Macron in the second round [of voting in the 2022 presidential election] and the reelection of Macron? You’re not serious, not reasonable, you can’t really believe it, can you? I know that Joseph de Maistre said that the French people were the easiest to deceive, the hardest to set right, the best at deceiving others, but even so! It’s settled, it’s done, you came for nothing. Move along, nothing to see here! You know that you’re in France, don’t you, and that the French right is the world’s most stupid. We’re the country of human rights and the world’s most stupid right. They go together.

    No, you really aren’t very reasonable. And I’ve read over the theme of this Convention: “How to find an alternative to progressivism?” But how and why would you seek an alternative to progressivism? Don’t you hear that the word progress in this pleasant term? Have you given a thought to our peasant ancestors dying from hunger or to Louis XIV as he was tortured by Molière’s doctors?

    No, you are not serious, not reasonable. There’s nothing more important to our era than progress, it’s our great religion. Better than Jesus Christ or Moses. And do you realize it’s been two centuries? How can you refuse the outstretched hand of progress? How can you not praise the magnificent industrial revolution that paved the way for the slaughter of Verdun? How can you not praise the science that gave us the atomic bomb? How can you not go into raptures over the sublime French Revolution, which gave us the Terror, and the bright future of communism, which gave us the gulag? Come on, really, how can you not be progressive?

    It must be admitted we long hesitated. And there was ample reason. Alongside these massacres, so very progressive, there were also antibiotics, penicillin, social security and cortisone shots for your voice.

    But in the last few decades, the least hesitation has become impossible. Progressivism can no longer be debated. The reign of the free individual has brought down ancient prejudices and the old barriers between humans. The patriarchy is dead and women are freed from thousands of years of oppression. The slaves have been released from their shackles, Caroline de Haas [feminist activist] and Rokhaya Diallo [anti-racist activist] are queens of the world. It’s a far cry from Bonaparte and Victor Hugo.

    Happy globalization has freed hundreds of millions of Chinese and Africans from misery. Too bad if it has plunged tens of thousands of Westerners into poverty and unemployment. Everyone gets their turn. After all, white workers profited from colonization and unequal trade. It’s only justice that they pay for it now.

    The beauties of the most recent progress leave me each day more astounded. How can you resist the charm of this wind of freedom now blowing across France and the West? How can you not approve all these laws that punish thought and speech since one is much freer when one thinks correctly and silences bad thoughts?

    How can you not be happier when you see these very hairy men finally admit their true nature as women, when you see these women who no longer need the disgusting contact of men to make babies, when you see these mothers who no longer need to give birth to be mothers? As the wonderful Agnès Buzyn [French government Minister of Solidarity and Health] puts it, “a woman can be a father”.

    How can you not be swept away by the brilliant exam results of these countless high school graduate piling up year after year? How can you resist the heady charm of this inclusive language, with all its little points resembling the toy trains of our childhood? How can you not appreciate the verbal ingenuity of our masters: “femicide”, “gender prejudice”, “intersectional struggle”, “racialized woman”? This magnificent jargon that only squares refuse to adopt.

    How can you not be dazzled by the elegant clothing of our favorite minister, Sibeth N’Diaye [French government spokeswoman], the height of French refinement? How can you not swoon before the beauty of contemporary art, its beauty consigning all the great painters of the past to the dustbin of history? And how can you not go into raptures over the oh-so-elegant prose of Christine Angot [French novelist], which makes Voltaire and Stendahl look like obscure hacks?

    Yes, and that’s without mentioning the genius of our architects, next to whom a Gabriel or Lebrun is no more than an academic drudge?
    * * *

  2. Establishing the context of what Eric Zemmour is saying for what the French face:

    “We live under the reign of a new Hitler-Stalin Pact. Our two totalitarianisms have allied to destroy us before tearing each other to pieces. This is their shared objective, their Holy Grail. To the liberal human-rights crowd go the cities. To Islam goes the suburbs [les banlieus]. For now, the one group provides the other with domestics: pizza delivery, taxis, nannies, restaurant kitchens and drugs. With their media and judicial power, the others protect their domestics against the muted abhorrence of the French people they both loathe – one group because they are French and not American, the other because they are Catholic by culture, not Muslim.”

    My initial thoughts…

    1. The “liberal human-rights crowd” hate the French because they are “French and not American.”

    (Evidence: 2010 “(Reuters) – France has not done enough to integrate its ethnic and religious minorities and needs to give Muslims a place in mainstream society, U.S. diplomats said in leaked cables published on Wednesday by a French newspaper.” )

    2. Islam hate the French because they are Catholic and not muslim.
    (Evidence: Catholic Churches burned down).

    Socialism uses Diversity to divide and conquer, turning people into Victim or Oppressor, which are then interchangeable at whim.

    Whereas, any human being can become want they want to be, to self-educate, skill and become objective. Or, they be imprinted by their race, religions and cultures from birth onwards, simply by submission to intimidation and terror.

    Therefore, to appeal to the French for Racial Purity and their Catholic Religious Identity, is to frame this as a “resistance to evil” – to out-bully the bully – which has all the hallmarks of early Nazism.

    • “All those who felt cramped in the old society governed by Catholicism and the common law, all those before whom the gleaming promise of liberation was dangled and who legitimately believed it – women, young people, homosexuals, the dark-skinned, Jews, Protestants, atheists – all those who felt themselves to be a despised minority within the heterosexual white male Catholic majority and who joyously tore down the statue to the staccato rhythm of Mick Jagger’s swaying hips, they were all the useful idiots of a war of extermination against the heterosexual white male.”

      The way Socialism works, js to set up an imagined crisis of suffering and then force you to pay for it. A dishonest crook. Rule by misdirection.

      islam just robs you and then forces you to submit or die. An honest crook. It says what it is on the tin.

      “…the old society governed by Catholicism and the common law…”

      So this returning back to Religion and State, Heaven and Earth, is combining the very same pincer-movement that the West had already experienced from islamic andMarxist slavery. Totalitarianism. Your deeds and thoughts, examined.

      But Youtube banning this diatribe, prevents people seeing that the resentful, will always become their new masters. Where truth is twisted and propaganda become real.

      People need to be exposed, ideas vigorously discussed, so that they become immune to all seducers for their vanity and pride.

      Because, when we go to see a movie, we always go to the one-star reviews. Even if there is only one single dissenting voice.

      Forced underground, then there is only an echo-chamber of five-star champions who are reported-as-spontaneous-and-random killers in the offices, temples and streets. This, is what terrorism is. To bend the mind through fear and outrage to their will, to force a return to a safety in numbers.

  3. Trump and Barr need to really on the attack against Google, FB and Twitter. Tear them apart, what are they afraid of?

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