German pop singer goes full Goebbels

A tweet from Beatrix Von Storch on this outburst:

Article from EN24 on this outburst:

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has engaged in a political debate over Herbert Grönemeyer. He strengthened the musician after a controversial concert video, the back for his commitment. “It is up to us to stand up for a free society and to defend democracy together,” wrote the SPD politician on Sunday on Twitter. “Thanks to Herbert #Groenemeyer and everyone else who does that every day.”


Maas also presented the video of a concert that was created last week during a performance in Vienna. In it, Grönemeyer calls to move “not a millimeter to the right”. The 63-year-old singer has often said so. This time, however, he got criticism because of the style and his tone. On Twitter, there were votes from AfD politicians over the weekend, which compared Grönemeyer’s sometimes-yelled call with Nazi propaganda. Some comments also disturbed the fact that the musician used the word “dictate”. 

Grönemeyer says in the concert video about, even if politicians weakened, and that was no different in Austria than in Germany, “then it is up to us to dictate what a society has to look like. And whoever tries to use such a situation of insecurity for ramblings, exclusion, racism and incitement is out of place (…). “


Criticism of the appearance came not only from the right camp. The author and dramaturge Bernd Stegemann, supporter of the left-wing collecting movement “Get Up,” wrote on Twitter: “The tone with which Grönemeyer politically heats his audience makes me a little scared. I hate to say it, but it sounds like a speaker before 1945. ” […]

The outburst in question:

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  1. Austria has been becoming more sovereign and right-leaning for the last five years or so. I’m pretty sure this is only a typical leftist temper-tantrum with a crowd that couldn’t care less.

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