Obama/EU funds illegal Arab settlements in Israel

Story at Gateway Pundit

On Aug 15, 2019, a delegation of the pro-Israel “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) party visited Judea and Samaria (GP reported) and received a guided tour of illegal Arab settlements funded by the EU. A Gateway Pundit exclusive video.

“This whole area was supposed to provide homes for 10.000 Jewish families”, says Naomi Linder Kahn of NGO “Regavim“, standing on Mt. Scopus outside Jerusalem, pointing at a vast barren expanse stretching toward the Dead Sea along Highway 1. The highway is of critical strategic importance for Israel, since it is the only gap in the ring of Arab areas surrounding the capital of Jerusalem.


“The best way to secure territory like this is to settle Jewish families there. But the Obama government intervened and stopped what they call ‘illegal settlements’, even though this is entirely Israeli territory. So now we have the infamous Road to Nowhere here, which was built but never used.”

(For those that have an issue with these areas intended to be settled by Jewish people, please complain first to the many many Islamic nations that do not allow anyone other than Muslims to live as equals in those nations. Thank you.)

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  1. US can’t watch them forever. We have to send them back
    WASHINGTON—A federal judge on Wednesday declared that a terrorism watch list created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks is unconstitutional in its current form, reopening the legal debate about a key national security tool used by thousands of U.S. and international government agencies.

  2. And don’t forget that nearly all of those moslem countries categorically REFUSE to take in any refugees fleeing oppression in other moslem countries.

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