Augsburg: Syrian Wanted to Murder Judge and Prosecutor

From Die Welt.De: 

“I don’t care if I’m to blame for the influx of refugees, now they’re just there,” explained the mother of migration with visibly moving pride.

An original translation of PI News Article by JOHANNES DANIELS 

And NOW the Islamic menaces from all over the world just happen to be “here”.

In Augsburg, a Syrian-Palestinian ISIS terrorist is on trial for six attempted murders. During a trial in July 2017, he wanted to murder five judges and a public prosecutor.

There was a state of emergency this past Tuesday in the large conference room of the Augsburg Criminal Justice Centre. The defendant Haidar A., 26, screams loudly and spits while he squirms in the grip of the police officers. Since Haidar A., who “fled from violence” in his home town, tried to shoot the entire court including the jurors and public prosecutor 2 years ago, the Syrian is currently being tried in the Swabian metropolis behind bulletproof glass and under the highest security measures. The asylum seeker was already was standing trail before the Augsburg Regional Court two years ago and is sufficiently familiar with German jurisdiction.

The gift of Islamic terror

On 7 November 2016, the Syrian brutally rammed a knife into the neck of his roommate Omar A. in the refugee home in Hurlach (Landsberg district) and tried to slaughter him in a “halal” manner. The stab wound was 12 cm deep (4.72 inches). The victim survived only thanks to a quick emergency operation in the Landsberg hospital. On 25 July 2017, Judge Susanne Riedel-Mitterwieser, 62, sentenced the “person seeking protection” to twelve years and nine months imprisonment for attempted murder – but he completely lost his mind once he heard the sentence.

At first he spat towards the bench and shouted: “To hell with you and those who created you”. Then he took off his black prison shoe and threw it towards the public prosecutor Michael Nißl, 40. Then police superintendent Richard G., 55, threw himself at the Chancellor’s guest of honour to strap him down. That’s when Haidar A. reached into the bailiff’s holster. According to the indictment, Haidar tried to seize, release and shoot the eight-shot loaded service weapon Heckler & Koch P7. According to Public prosecutor Andreas Breitschaft, “He wanted to take the security personnel by surprise so that the targeted victims would be defenceless at the mercy of his deadly retaliatory action.” As a result, no less than four officials wrestled down the adherent of the religion of peace and prevented a further grasp at the service weapon.

Haidar under the hood – The ISIS-Look in German courts

But there wasn’t a sign of remorse or guilt in the Islamic gift of terror on Tuesday. As a precautionary measure, the presiding judge, Sandra Mayer, had already ordered the presence of six officiers in the courtroom, along with hand and foot cuffs and safety glass.

When Haidar A. entered the courtroom on Tuesday, he spat hatred out in the direction of the photographers. He also refused to stand up in front of the judge “for religious reasons”. Thereupon it came to “a wild scuffle”. When the situation calmed down again, the presiding judge ordered the defendant to wear a spittoon hood made of thin breathable fabric over his head during the trial. It is intended to prevent him from spitting around himself. Haidar A. now has to wear this attractive looking head gear during the trial until the judgement on 25 September.

The rabid Syrian, who say he’s now a Palestinian, confirmed all the accusations from the indictment and even went beyond them:

“It is true: If I had been given the gun, I would have shot the court and started with the prosecutor. No, I’m not sorry for my behavior. What the court and the prosecutor did to me was terror. I regret that the man I stabbed in the throat is still alive. He insulted my religion. I would not have been punished for it in Syria.”

[Bold is mine}

According to the testimony of the bailiff, whose weapon Haidar A. wanted to seize, we learn how narrowly the Syrian’s targeted attempt at murder failed: “He was with his right hand on my belt. The cap of the pepper spray was already open, but the weapon did not come out of the holster.

Moreover, the defendant confirmed that “he had knowledge of weapons handling from the civil war” – and had been accommodated by the terrorist organisation ISIS during his escape. “They were always friendly to me,” Haidar A. explained during the police interrogation. As a Palestinian, he also sympathised with the Hamas organisation, which was classified as a terrorist group – similar to how ex-Communist Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Foreign Mini Heiko Maas indirectly support a terrorist organisation: “Germany is increasing financial aid for UN-Palestinian Relief Agency”.

Haidar A. spoke openly about his hatred of the German state

For the knife attack on his roommate in the Landsberg asylum, he defended himself through his taxpayer-financed lawyer Walter Rubach from the asylum industry. After all, the roommate had repeatedly insulted Islam. This was the only reason he attacked him and stabbed him with a knife. He doesn’t accept it if someone insults his religion, says Haidar A. “Then I get angry.” The presiding judge wants to know whether he will also become violent in the future if someone insults his religion. He only answers: “Not immediately.”

When asked if he was an “Islamist”, Haidar said: “I am proud to be a Muslim”. Through his taxpayer-financed interpreter, he also stressed that he did not hate German society, but the German police and judiciary. “He spoke calmly about his hatred of the German state,” reports the Augsburger Allgemeine. That’s a relief.

An Augsburg detective, who spoke to Haidar A. in prison for a long time, explained that “the situation during the interrogation was very unusual”. The accused had openly spoken about his hatred of the German state – and had shown no remorse. At the same time, however, he was friendly and courteous during the conversation. There doesn’t appear to be any gratitude toward Germany, the host country for his protection..

Haidar’s lawyer Walter Rubach emphasized in an adapted Taqiyya manner that he had doubts that the crime was an attempted murder. A. admitted to having reached in the direction of the service weapon. However, the first testimonies given in the trial, gave the impression that he hadn’t implemented his plan with the vigour required for an attempted murder. The trial will continue in about two weeks – by then maybe he’ll run out of spit.


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  1. “It is true: If I had been given the gun, I would have shot the court and started with the prosecutor. No, I’m not sorry for my behavior. What the court and the prosecutor did to me was terror. I regret that the man I stabbed in the throat is still alive. He insulted my religion. I would not have been punished for it in Syria.”

    A Nazi through and through
    Master Dhimmi
    Miracle Simi’
    And all the Socialists coo.

  2. The GoV version has a photo of this engineer / heart surgeon / rocket scientist:

    Another one here:

    Btw, if anybody is wondering, it’s possible he’s both a “Palestinian” “refugee” and “Syrian”. There are plenty of descendants of Arabs who left Israel after 1948 in neighboring countries, including Syria. My best guess he’s from the Yarmouk “camp”, which looks like just another suburb of Damascus. It has seen heavy fighting:

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