The Paludan effect

It was once pointed out to me, that running for office if you are principled, is not a waste of time even if you lose. If you get a substantial number of votes because of your platform, one which might have been ignored by the usual political class, then you might discover that politics and policy start to swing your way even though you didn’t win. Because in a democracy, like Denmark, the government is afraid of the people, and if not afraid of the people, afraid of losing power, and so try and accommodate the people.

Contrast that with a non-democratic state like the UK where the people are afraid of the government and if you transmit information that the government does not approve of, irrespective fo the truth of it, you may face and endless series of Orwellian trials based on selectively enforced application of ludicrous laws. Or worse, as the poet said, “If the government doesn’t like the people, they should dissolve the people and elect a new people”. Something Germany clearly did.

Meanwhile in Denmark:

a new initiative by the new government. Migrants are being offered a fair chunk of cash if they pack up and leave Denmark voluntarily. Below, a segment of this article with a Google translation:

Up to 64,100 people resident in Denmark, this summer may receive a letter or otherwise be informed that they meet the requirements for bringing money with them if they go home to the country from which they or at least one of their parents comes from. .


It is a result of the agreement that was concluded between the then government and the Danish People’s Party in connection with the latest Finance Act.


Although the so-called repatriation support – which gives returning persons DKK 140,000 – has existed for several years, it is the first time that the municipalities have been instructed to guide possible recipients about the scheme.

And it has dropped the Radicals for the chest. Andreas Steenberg, who is the party’s foreign minister, calls it “pure harassment”.


“We do not mind having a repatriation scheme for refugees who have not been here for a long time, but it is crazy to send that kind to people who have lived here all their lives,” he told Berlingske.

In other words, the government of Denmark is ready to pay heapum big cash to encourage people who otherwise would cost them a lot more in the medium and long run, to go home and live large on that money. Certainly a step in the right direction and certainly something none of us expected any Western government to do, and doubly so in the EU.

This has to be a result of the spectacular and unexpected success of Rasmus Paludan’s new party, Stram Kurs. (Hard Line) Although he won no seats based on Danish election rules, he did get enough votes to coming very close to having 6 seats in the Danish parliament. And one might guess that the government took notice and did what any democracy should do. Implement the policies that people voted for.

So anyone else thinking of running for office based on anti-totalitarian policies, namely anti-Islam and anti-communism, should be encouraged. You may get what you want, at least to a degree, even if you don’t win.

In the case of Denmark, calling it the Rasmus effect, or the Paludan effect, would be a fair and proper moniker.

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  1. From all I have read the Viking society was the oldest form of Democracy in Europe, the Danes are showing that they are trying to be true to their history and pay attention to what the people want.

    Britain is traveling down the path to Marxism rather then remaining true to their history of advancing the freedom of the people. Like Germany the British Government is busy trying to elect a new people to let the government have more power. The problem the British Government faces is that the new people they are trying to elect doesn’t believe in non Islamic Governments. Britain is facing a social explosion from two different groups and are trying to appease on group by oppressing the other. They are trying to appease the wrong group and eventually the People of Britain will stage one of the Peasant rebellions that happened in British History.

    Civil Wars are coming to most Western Nations as their governments try to seize more and more power, the US is an exception with the coming Civil War to be started by the people who want to seize more and more power and are unhappy that the People elected a man who is working hard to restore all of our rights.

  2. Tommy Robinson found guilty on 3 counts of contempt of court.
    Follow Ezra levant’s twitter feed for details of presentations by attorney general and Tommy’s lawyer.
    Seems like a travesty of justice.
    Sentencing July 11
    I find it shocking, after reading his own lawyer’s presentations, compared to those of the AG.

  3. Preface to “The Screwtape Letters”

    “I live in the Managerial Age, in a world of “Admin.” The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern.” – C.S. Lewis

    • One of your best ever posts, EB! With a most excellent sound track to boot (and a classic that I’ve seen the Stones play more than once). Here’s another personal favorite that I crank up to eleven whenever my neighbor’s being an asshole.

      PS: Lewis’ dystopian vision of that “bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern” perfectly describes today’s 1984-as-an-Operator’s-Manual style of government. Speaking of Lewis, I will recommend, “Mere Christianity” for non-believers as a view into that ancient faith.

    • This was true in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy and is true of the leftist governments now trying to seize control of the world.

  4. High court upholds racism sentence against Danish politician (thelocal, Jul 5, 2019)

    “The Østre Landsret high court on Thursday upheld a ruling convicting Rasmus Paludan, leader of extremist party Stram Kurs, of inciting racial hatred.

    Paludan’s 14-day conditional prison sentence, originally given by the district court in Glostrup in April, was upheld by the higher court.

    Specifically, the party leader was sentenced under paragraph 266b, commonly referred to as the ‘racism paragraph’ of Denmark’s criminal code.

    Paludan and his party narrowly failed in last month’s general election to secure a large enough vote share to enter parliament.

    The conviction is related to a video which was published last year on the Stram Kurs YouTube account.

    In the video, Paludan makes reference to “most negroes [Danish: negere, ed.] in South Africa” and people of low IQ (under 70). Referencing South African governing party ANC, the Danish party leader implies black citizens are incapable of governing South Africa due to low intelligence, Ritzau writes.

    Making such a connection was in breach of the law, Glostrup District Court and now Østre Landsret found.

    The higher court found Paludan’s speech in the video “degrading or abusive” towards a specified group.

    Defence lawyer Mette Grith Stage argued that comments in the video were part of Stram Kurs’ political work and that adjudging them illegal would thereby encroach on Paludan’s right to free speech.

    But the high court judge and lay assessors rejected that defence.

    “The high court finds that, in light of the nature of the comments and the context in which they were put forth, they cannot be viewed as part of a legitimate political debate,” judge Joachim Kromann said.

    Paludan and his defence lawyer will now consider appealing the verdict to the Danish supreme court, Højesteret.”

    • The higher court found Paludan’s speech in the video “degrading or abusive” towards a specified group.

      For Postmodernists, this is what’s so unnerving about the truth. It can degrade an entire group all at once and still be true.

      There’s gotta be some way to fix* that.

      * – Strictly in the veterinarian sense. –

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