Leaked Memo: ‘Apolitical’ Google Encourages Staffers to Protest Against Tough Migration Policies

This expose of Google’s full transformation from useful search tool into giant machine of deception for specific and essentially Orwellian purposes brought to you by Project Veritas via Sputnik:

The purported internal memo lists pro-immigration chants among examples of what to shout at protests. Last year, when Google employees were reported to have discussed tweaking search functions to help protest against Trump’s travel ban, the company said it did not favour any political agenda.


Project Veritas, a conservative transparency group, has obtained what it calls an internal document circulated among Google employees, titled ‘Beginner’s Guide to Protesting’.


As it appears from the title, the company, which claims it is devoid of political bias, wants its staffers to know what to do when they come out in the street for a protest.

The purpose of the document is “to assemble best practices and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and pumped about Re****@Go****.com marches/protests”.


No further details are given about the mysterious ‘Re****@Go****.com’, which could be an internal group coordinating protesters or merely a service providing information about upcoming events.

(Please click through and read it all, Its good to the last letter.)



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3 Replies to “Leaked Memo: ‘Apolitical’ Google Encourages Staffers to Protest Against Tough Migration Policies”

  1. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that “we do not bias our products to favour any political agenda”, while the company did not deny the report but assured that the idea had never been implemented.

    Yeah right it was never implemented, as the pressure grows they will stop the extreme slant on their searches but will still keep favoring liberal left wing ideas.

  2. If we don’t put various assets into the disputed areas we are de facto accepting that terrority as Iranian land.

    He is exaggerating the damage that the car and truck bombs would do and he is wrong in saying we need to back off. If we back off we are telling Iran that if they keep up the same pressure we will surrender. He understands the short term effects but not the long term effects.

    There are a couple of towns in the US that have opened investigations into some of their p;olice officers because the officers said various ethnic groups commit most of the crimes. I think I posted the articles a couple of days ago. If I didn’t they will popup on one of by subscriptions again.

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