French resistance calls for major (non-violent) action in France starting June 22

This video is on the official Twitter account of Jerome Rodrigues, the Yellow vest Protestor who lost his eye by the French police, firing a large rubber bullet at it at high velocity with explosives. So its not a random individual with this idea, but a highly influential member of the New French Resistance.

We worked off of a Twitter version of the video, so it ends abruptly.

Thank you MissPIggy for hipping us to the event, and Ava Lon for the translation.

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4 Replies to “French resistance calls for major (non-violent) action in France starting June 22”

  1. They want the protests to be peaceful but what does Macron want? If they shut down the entire nation on the 22 will Macron react peacefully or violently. Given what has been happening I think it is a 50 50 chance of government violence.

    • It is from his Twitter channel. That is all I know. Our translator felt it was legit. Im not in a position to know.

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