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12 Replies to “15 people are being investigated for abuse in the Clinton email server violations of national security”

  1. the pace at which our gov’t is dealing with this issue is sick and getting sicker.
    Note that not one person’s name has been revealed.
    Any one that has watched this scandal unfurl knows that HRC is a common criminal and has yet to come to justice. I knew it 3 years ago.
    Watch her, as the disgusting pond scum that she is slither out from under this. Justice will not be served…

    • HRC might get away with it, but the Clinton Foundation might have problems.
      HRC is a psychopath. The only issues that hurt psychos are loss of money and/or jail time.
      I would be satisfied if the bigwig people involved in bringing down Trump (Comey, Kerry, Loretta Leitch, Brennan…) get into heavy trouble. For now, they’re not sleeping well.

      • If the Clinton Foundation is found to have committed crimes Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are all in trouble, they are the board of directors of the Foundation and are responsible for the actions of the foundation.

    • 1) The investigators are working through a lot of accusations that takes time.

      2) You don’t release names until the people are indicted, if they can’t find enough evidence to indict the people have to be considered not guilty. If you were suspected of a crime would you want your name public before they arrested you? Or public if they didn’t arrest you? We are suppose to be fighting to restore the rule of law (everybody equal under the law and everybody innocent until proven guilty.).

      You are acting like the witch hunters we are trying to get thrown into prison.

      • You are acting like the witch hunters we are trying to get thrown into prison.

        Coming from your own, “The best defense is a good offense”, military background, it’s gratifying to see you refrain from being sucked into the By Any Means Necessary mentality (i.e., ends justify the means). This is NOT a case of concern over becoming terrorists, Nazis, or whatever pet shibboleth we’re supposed to treat with kid gloves that day.

        As you so often emphasize (and quite rightly so), the Rule of Law demands an inviolable standard of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Settling for anything less turns “fighting fire with fire” into today’s 9th Circuit taffy-pull that’s more traditionally known as Constitutional arson.

        I’ll even venture to say that circumventing any presumption of innocence leads to the exact same slippery slope of restricting Free Speech. There’s no middle ground.

        • There’s no middle ground.

          No there isn’t, my biggest fear is that once the civil war starts the left will be skilled enough to generate the conditions to generate a tit for tat cycle of attacks. If this occurs (I think this will happen and probably happen quickly) we face the problem of either going to selective enforcement to protect our people, pardoning everyone who committed any type of crime in the civil war or some combination of the two. All three results will lead to massive abuse by the left to continue their fight to conquer the world.

          • Some times the best offense is a good defense you can set behind and let the enemy destroy itself attacking.

            I like this maneuver.
            Let Red and Green shred each other (with our discreet help, sell them weapons [full of spyware]), etc.).

        • As with all generalizations “The Best Defense is a Good Offense” is not always correct, Some times the best offense is a good defense you can set behind and let the enemy destroy itself attacking. The German offensive against Stalingrad is one example. Slim’s defense line between India and Burma that degraded the Japanese is another one. In the latter case a lot of historians say that Slim setting behind the defenses and using deep penetration raids was attacking and the Japanese who were trying to break that line was doing the defending.

          For more information about the deep penetration raids read up on Orde Wingate and the Chindits, of WWII. He was a skilled guerilla and counter guerilla fighter but in my opinion wasn’t the genius many people call him. He like many other High Ranking Officers (Vinegar Joe Stilwell US Army springs to mind) the press refused to see faults that made most of his victories to be less then they should have been.

          Although Wingate did do a great job in the Holy Land before WWII.

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