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8 Replies to “Little girl raped in field in Germany. Suspect caught but not named or described”

  1. He is NIGERIAN

    Dessau (GER.): a 9-year-old girl raped by a Nigerian migrant. “She cried and was covered in blood”

    Germany – a man from Niger raped a nine-year-old girl in Dessau-Roßlau. He’s in custody.

    The crime took place on Sunday morning in the District of Roßlau, on the grounds of a former Russian barracks, according to the newspaper BILD. According to the report, the police used a helicopter to search for the suspect. According to the police and prosecutors, the aggressor is a 27-year-old Nigerian.

    The African pushed the little girl down on the lawn and stripped her of her clothes and abused her. After hearing passers-by calling for help and rushing in her direction, the girl was able to break free.

    The Mayor of Roßlau, Christa Müller (CDU), was “stunned” by this Act. It requires “a strong reaction from the State and the judiciary”. “It is no longer enough to look and look again and again to always find excuses.”

    After all traces of the crime were collected on Monday, a judge issued an arrest warrant for suspicion of serious sexual abuse.

    Nordkurier.de / JungeFreiheit

    (…) The migrant was caught in flagrante delicto by a young woman named Nicky. His life changed from one second to the next. On Facebook, the young mother tells her shocking experience on Pentecost Sunday.

    (…) She spotted a little child in a meadow, about 30 yards away. The child was waving her hands while a man on his knees was desperately trying to pull something over the child’s head. When the child noticed someone approaching:

    She screamed: “Help, Help me, I do not know this man. He’s raping me! ”

    The passerby approached. The assailant was distracted and the girl was able to break free. When Nicky shouted, “come here, come here, come here, hurry,” the girl ran to the woman. She was almost naked and covered in blood.

    In a panic, Nicky ran with the little girl to the nearest house to call the police. She writes:

    “The little girl looked at me and cried, she showed me again and again how much her legs and fingers were covered in blood, she asked me if she had to go to the hospital.”

    During this time, the attacker fled on a bicycle. No one knew if he was armed or not. Then the police arrived, the facts were recorded and the crime scene was closed. Shortly thereafter, the ambulance arrived to take care of the victim.

    (…) EpochTimes.de


    Dessau (All.) : Une petite fille de 9 ans violée par un migrant nigérien. “Elle pleurait et était couverte de sang” – Fdesouche
    Allemagne – Un homme originaire du Niger a violé une fillette de neuf ans à Dessau-Roßlau. Il est en détention. Le crime a eu lieu dimanche matin dans le %

    • Thanks!

      There’s a photo at 4:07, taken from behind while he’s lying face down, so couldn’t tell.

      Looks like he’s wearing a fur-lined coat, which made me think he might be north-african. But they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing such shoes, let alone tight white pants.

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