Sweden: Bomb Man not Identified. Police (Assume) Terrorism

An original translation by Fousequawk with many thanks

From this Swedish News source

Published 10 June 2019 15:0h5 hours

Domestic. The man who was shot with several shots by police on Monday morning is not yet identified. That is what police reported during a press conference in the afternoon.

It was about 10 am on Monday morning when a threatening man at Malmo Station screamed that he would set off a bomb.

The threat was so real that the police decided to shoot the man.

The incident is being classified as an attempted murder, but police will not rule out terrorism.

“As long as we cannot rule out that this was a case of terror incident. we (will) work according to that principle”, said police commander Per Olaf Söyseth at a press conference.

During the day, the police conducted several house searches due to the (incident). However, they have not yet been able to identify the man who was shot.

According to the police. the man said that he had filled his bags with weapons and explosive material. The bomb group chose to blow up the bags and are now analyzing the contents.

Police will be (sending) reinforcements to the Malmo vicinity in the coming days.

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