Canada’s selective enforcement of ‘hate speech’: Links 1, June 10, 2019

1. Al Quds demo had police escort despite no permits or any abeyance of rules and regs. The police did focus on pro-Jewish defenders.

2. Half of burglaries now take place when people are at home as police ‘inaction’ makes criminals bolder

Half of burglaries in Britain now take place while householders are inside their homes, as thieves become emboldened by police inaction.


Campaigners said criminals no longer fear being caught in the act after figures showed 58 per cent of burglaries happen at occupied properties.


The findings come after Maureen Whale, 77, collapsed and later died as she phoned 999 to report a break-in at her home on Tuesday night.


Police were accused of ignoring repeated warnings about gangs operating in the neighbourhood of Barnet, north London. Three other burglaries took place nearby on the same day.


It comes as police forces across the country struggle to cope with a rising tide of violent crime. Figures…

(Our rulers have already thought ahead to the obvious and criminalized self defence in case anyone decides to take personal reasonability for their safety and property)

3. Katy Hopkins covers the grotesque media non-coverage of the muslim demands for no LGBT in public schools.

4. He grew up in York and twice tried to join ISIS to kill Americans. Now comes prison.

File video from 2015: A York boy, whose family is from Syria, was charged as a juvenile on a gun charge in York but investigators learned that he was plotting to join ISIS in Syria to fight “jihad” and had linked up with a more militant Muslim in

Zakaryia Abdin grew up in York, where he went to York schools and worked washing dishes at his parents’ restaurant.


Then Abdin twice tried to join ISIS to kill Americans, authorities said in several court cases related to Abdin’s case. The first time he was just 16 years old and still a student at York Comprehensive High School, The Herald previously reported.


The second time came after law enforcement officials and others repeatedly tried to warn South Carolina parole officials that Abdin was a threat to Americans despite being caught, The Herald previously reported.

5. US Jewish community looks to defend itself as attacks rise

Armed guards, safety assessments and now even a “Tactical Rabbi” to train volunteers on the use of weapons — such is the reality today at synagogues in the United States facing mounting anti-Semitic attacks.


It is at a shooting range in the hills overlooking Los Angeles that a team of AFP reporters met recently with Raziel Cohen, dubbed the “Tactical Rabbi,” who was sporting a 9mm pistol on his hip and carrying a semi-automatic rifle over his shoulder.

Cohen was trying to determine how well books can stop bullets. The idea is to transform a library at a synagogue or Jewish school into a shelter in the event of an active shooter situation.


“We’re trying to bridge the gap between the time that the shooting begins and law enforcement arrives,” he told AFP.

“The expression that goes on is that we carry guns because we can’t carry police officers, which is not just a joke,” added Cohen. “The reality is that there can’t be police everywhere all the time.”

6. Over a MILLION people marching in Hong Kong, objecting to Chinese government overreach on the island.

7. Officials say 95 dead in new ethnic massacre in central Mali

(This is a pathetic excuse for reportage)

Unknown assailants killed at least 95 people in a central Mali village overnight, government officials said Monday, the latest massacre in a growing ethnic conflict driven by fear and suspicion over alleged ties to extremist groups once limited to the West African country’s north.


There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack on the ethnic Dogon village, though tensions have been high since an ethnic Dogon militia was accused of carrying out a massacre in an ethnic Peuhl village in March that left at least 157 dead.


The killings highlight the Malian security forces’ inability to contain the spreading extremism by fighters linked to the Islamic State organization and al-Qaida and the growing danger of frightened communities arming themselves.

(They avoid saying the attackers are muslims, which they likely are, but duo manage to say the real danger is not the slaughter of 95 people for no reason other than that they are not muslim, but that they might prepare to defend themselves. GDMF commie reportage)

8. Pope Francis compares Salvini to Cane in the Bible.

(And yet the Pope doesn’t seem to compare the migrants who come to Europe illegally, take the massive kindness and charity of Europeans and then murder and rape their hosts to Cain. Which I would say is a much better fit)

Pope Francis let fly a thinly veiled attack on Italy’s interior minister Matteo Salvini Monday, comparing him to the biblical character of Cain who murdered his brother Abel.
In an address to participants in a meeting of aid agencies to the Oriental Catholic Churches (ROACO), the pope seemed to fire a shot across Mr. Salvini’s bow, accusing the populist minister of closing his ports to migrants while opening them to arms dealers.

“We hear the plea of persons in flight, crowded on boats in search of hope, not knowing which ports will welcome them, in a Europe that does open its ports to ships that will load sophisticated and costly weapons capable of producing forms of destruction that do not spare even children,” the pope said, according to a rough English-language translation supplied by the Vatican.

Thank you Coram Deo, SB., EB., Wrath off Khan, Richard, Gavin Boby and all who send in links. More to come.

Robert Spencer was very ill and was not publishing or writing for the past many weeks.

It has weighed heavily on us all who were aware of Robert’s situation. He is a member of the Royal family of the Counter-jihad and quite probably the King.

So it is with tremendous relief and appreciation that we can post the article from Jihad Watch that details the situation as it was, now that he is back and working for us all again.

A little extra on the whack a doo trans BS infecting all Western schools.


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  1. Know My Truth.

    When they’re eight it’s too late
    When they’re seven they go to Heaven
    When they’re six they become matchsticks
    When they’re five they sexualize
    When they’re four they become the floor
    When they’re three always hungry
    When they’re two they don’t know who
    When they’re one love has gone
    When zygot ‘don’t mean alot.

  2. 2 – Home take over robberies/burglaries are quite common in nations where self defense has been outlawed, the criminals know the home owners aren’t armed and that the elderly won’t stand a chance. Once they take over they can torture the people to find where the valuable items are hidden. May the evil people who created this situation spend an eternity in hell regretting their actions.

    5 & 6 are the people taking responsibility for their safety, the Jews in LA are in a better position then the people in Hong Kong but in this day of rapid communications a major political uprising in one location will be very hard to conceal from the rest of China. This may be the start of all of China gaining their freedom or it may be the start of Hong Kong losing theirs.

    • Have the people of mainland China ever enjoyed freedom as we know it? Hong Kong is very different, is unlikely to serve as a positive model.

      The mainland could devolve into another era of warlords, mass death. Then maybe another emperor-figure would grab the “mandate of heaven”. For a while.

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