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17 Replies to “The story so far in the UK”

  1. UK Mirror reporting Tommy Robinson concedes defeat in European Parliament bid
    Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon – ran a divisive campaign and although the official result isn’t in yet he thinks he hasn’t been successful

    • You are an idiot.Robinson is a hero.He is the only one in England that Stan’s agains the Muslim scum.
      Farage is a clown.He is Muslim brother,he does not want to aggravate them , what a cook

      • Yes, indeed. Tommy is a HERO. I also hold reservations against Farage’s cowardice in regard to the muhammedan invasion of his homeland each time I recollect this quote from the UKExpress, dated February 14, 2017:

        “We know there are 2,000 mosques in Britain now, when the Queen came on the throne there was only one.”

        P.S. Thank you Eeyore…I was using a dated IPad which did not permit two windows to remain open and stable at the same time, preventing me from simultaneously posting links associated with the quotes. Moving from one open window to another resets the previous window eliminating any commentary previously posted.

    • This is a breath taking biased news report.
      Knowing what we do about the TR rally in Oldham and the TR supporters rushing women and children to safety while police escorted scores of masked yobs to their location, read this news account.
      I really feel sorry for anyone in the UK that doesn’t have the time, inclination or brain power to harness alternative media. They have NO IDEA what is happening to their country. One has to wonder if they even care…

  2. God save us from European “democratic” systems of voting. If this was World War II and the Battle of Britain was on the votes would still read Conservative: 31% Whigs:23% Communists:21% Idiot boys: 12% and so on, and the idiot boys and the Communists would form a coalition government and seize the day. The left has found a way to completely ineffectualize democracy through their “representational” voting system. Like Multiculturalism, it has no real purpose other than to fuck things up and help cripple the Free West…

    • That’s about how I see it yeah. Prop Rep and the “Cordon Sanitaire”

      The thing is, the classical Europeans may have such a large vote that they may manage to grab power. Then its about the new broom.

      • You are both right, and the victory for those who love freedom in France and Italy are going to help. If both can manage to pull their nations out of the mess that the globalist left has created.

  3. That’s very good but it’s still 21 seats for Brexit and the overall rest 25.
    Where did the Lib Dems come from? They were no where before.
    I wish Nigel Farage wouldn’t boast until they are actually out of the EU if then.
    You only have to look at the US to see how the left can make things difficult, even when they lose.
    I wouldn’t underestimate them in Britain either, nor in the EU, they still control the real power.
    Not optimistic, not yet.

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