Start with Item 6: Links 1, May 26, 2019

1. European elections 2019: Tories and Labour braced for Brexit backlash as poll results are announced

(Results are expected between 10:15 PM and 2:00 AM GMT)

2. Illegal immigrants break out of detention centre due to lax Ramadan security

(Basically that is the whole article)

3. Mark Levine looks at the Democrat-Deep state-Media hypocrisy over declassification

4. “I Never Dreamed My Son Would Be a POW in America”

Diana West has written about this case here.

5. France: Over 250 Convicted Islamic Terrorists Set for Prison Release by 2022

French justice minister Nicole Belloubet has announced details of a new national anti-terrorist office to deal with threats including 254 convicted Islamic terrorists set for release from various prisons by 2022.

Created earlier this year, the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) is expected to begin its formal operations on July 1st and one of its most important operations, according to Ms Belloubet, will be the tracking of convicted Islamic terrorists who have been released from prison, Le Mondereports.

6. WATCH this clip of the police escorting a mob of muslims AS THEY THROW ROCKS and more at Tommy Robinson’s people

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita, EB., Sassy, Richard, Diana West, and many more who sent in materials. Keep your eyes on this site and whatever sources you can for the results of today’s European elections. Its looking good so far!


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  1. I’ve deleted five responses already. I did as you asked and started with # 5, both of them.
    But no response seems adequate.

    Where’s Norse Radish?

      • I just saw the 2 items as linked. The sentence in # 5 that stood out:

        “according to Ms Belloubet, (part of PNAT,s job) will be the tracking of convicted Islamic terrorists who have been released from prison, Le Monde reports”

        You could say the police were tracking the stone throwers in now # 6

        How many terrorists have been known to the police and were supposedly being monitored when they carried out their attacks?

        Somehow it’s not reassuring that a new anti-terrorist office will do any better.

        It sounds like the old light bulb joke:

        How many anti terrorist prosecutors does it take to track 254 convicted Islamist terrorists released from prison?

        And the answer seems to be:
        More than we have. It’s part of modern day living, you will just have to get used to it because we can’t do the sensible thing and keep them in jail or deport them because they have human rights. The politicians won’t legislate to make it possible and the courts won’t let us.

        (as the British police officer said in a previous video about the stone throwers (they have human rights) – and he didn’t come up with that all by himself)
        I think the writers of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (one was Canadian John Peters Humphrey) must be turning in their graves to see how the concept of human rights is being applied today. It’s not what they intended.

        As our Prime Minister has been wont to say: “We don’t do something because it’s the right thing or the moral thing to do” (and I’m loosely remembering the rest of his pearls of wisdom) – we get together with diverse ??? and we decide together what to do.

        I’ve wondered who he is trying to impress by saying this, he doesn’t seem to realize that the reason he feels it necessary to keep apologizing for previous governments is because they didn’t do the right and moral thing. I also wonder which Prime Minister in the future will be apologizing for him, since he seems unable to apologize for himself.

        Anyway what we have in politics now is the result of this kind of thinking. When governments lose a sense of morality and what is the right thing to do, when you’ve forgotten first principles, chaos is the result. And it’s no use trying to make sense of it all, because it doesn’t make sense and it will only give you a headache, sleepless nights, worry, and all the rest because it’s not only nonsensical it’s also anti human.

        “When people abandon God, sooner or later they turn against their fellow man.”
        Pope John Paul II (lived under Nazi and Communist rule for many years in Poland)

    • Where’s Norse Radish?

      Right here, good friend. Thank you so much for asking.

      I’d really like to gab for a moment about how “here” is starting to look like a rubber room in downtown Coventry (somewhere near the Hatley estate, it’s rumored), but that’s grist for another tale.

      For the sake of my personal sanity, I held off from viewing the last two clips because—not only is their content contemptibly familiar—but two of my absolute favorite counterjihadists, Dinah West and Stefan Molyneux, were in that link: ”
      Diana West has written about this case here.

      BREAKING: I’m less than ten minutes into West’s fabulous exposé. It is one which includes her deep (and mutual) feelings about Memorial Day but (out of respect for all involved) I’m now going back to TRIPLE-CHECK (actually, a fourth) before posting the following THOUGHT EXPERIMENT:

      Would somebody kindly verify an astounding fact check? Should anyone have the least doubt, this is as serious as Spellcheck a heart attack. “Is it really that serious”, you ask? So serious to where I promise that my lake of profanity will be just like me lately … namely, dammed.

      I WILL ASK that you please listen (if only starting) from time point – 00:08:56 and see if you aren’t questioning your own sanity by T = 00:09:30 (see below).

      I WILL NOT bias any further perceptions with discussion of something that would have even a language maestro like Orwell scratching his noggin in disbelief.

      SUFFICE TO SAY, this is why I am shameless about my professional, editorial, and authorial dedication to Free Speech in the clearest possible terms. (I’ll leave it for Dear Gentle Readers to share their thoughts about whether there’s any ambiguity in that preceding sentence.)

      Put another way, there are times when self-identifying as a Grammar Nazi, regardless of the usual brickbats and mortar fire is a matter of—not something so puny as personal pride or self-esteem—but these niggling issues of ethical integrity and moral transparency.

      T = 00:43:19 – Should be TSFW

      • NR: Site security requires posting this in parts.

        So, let’s make this fun by providing some hints: (From the West & Molyneaux clip’s comments, in order)

        Stefan Molyneux – Published on May 25, 2019
        Author Diana West joins Stefan Molyneux to talk about the losses suffered under communist subversion both during and after the Second World War – and do Democrats get American into wars in order to lose?

        antone1 – 11 hours ago
        She got the dates wrong, WW2 ended on May 8th and due to Soviets it was then postponed to 9th, not as she claimed 7th and 8th.

        Chad Mercer – 1 day ago
        ~37 minutes, it would be “Pol Pot’s Cambodia”. Chiang Kai-Shek was nationalist Chinese, and an ally of the United States.

        Stefan Molyneux – 1 day ago (edited)
        Thanks you are quite right, I misspoke

        Chad Mercer – 1 day ago
        @Stefan Molyneux I know you knew that, because you’ve mentioned Pol Pot many times before. Just wanted to make sure you don’t get blindsided later.

        fruitpuncherrrrr – 1 day ago
        USSR Held thousands of American, British Empire and Western POWs For bargaining.
        Rega Agreement is the only American agreement with USSR which ask for help.
        Marshal Order US Troops To Not Report Treatment In Soviet POW Camps.
        Germans wanted to surrender to prevent USSR spreading Into Europe but USSR spies ensure War Continue Into 1945.
        All Belligerent Countries Were Infiltrated By Communist Spies.
        USSR usher in UN, IMF and other Global Institutions.
        People In Gov were Silence Or Move Around To Prevent Criticism of USSR.
        Trump Trying To dissemble World Usher In By USSR.
        Communist Spies lay the roots of everything Communism Touched Throughout The World Since 1945, Vilify Anti Communist Forces and Romanticize Pro Communist Forces.
        Weaken US Military Is Bleed it Through Attrition Into Endless Wars, Something The Communist Utilize. Neglecting Domestic Communist.
        House Committee Prevented US Military and Others Groups To Inform Evils Of Communism.
        1st Thing Bolsheviks Did Is Nationalize Health Care. Similar Pattern Across Communist Countries.

        dsubversion – 1 day ago
        This is very timely. Thanks for this great work.

        Gary Yeigh – 1 day ago
        Eisenhower was hot what people think he was, read The Politician.

        CaesarInVa – 1 day ago
        As always, great video Stefan. Thank you Diana! I’ve read both of Ms. West’s books and they are well worth the read. For additional insight and corroboration into the history of communism’s efforts in the US, I highly recommend reading Robert Stripling’s “The Red Plot Against America”, a daring chronical that exposed the scope and breadth communist influence in America from the 1920’s through the 50’s. Mr. Stripling was the lead investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Affairs back in the late 40s and worked extensively alongside sub-committee chairman Richard M. Nixon in their investigation into the Whitacker Chambers/Alger Hiss affair. Written and published in the 19050s when people who tried to warn America of the communist danger from within were ridiculed, denigrated, maligned and ostracized…..not unlike day…..Mr. Stripling’s book provides a time-capsule juxtaposition of communist efforts of the 1940s and 50s with those of today’s….and the insight isn’t very reassuring. Essentially, the communist effort to undermine American society is as alive today as it was in Mr. Stripling’s day, and is as active in Hollywood, academia, legislating courts and the main-stream media as ever.

        Lonnie Olafson – 22 hours ago
        In times of peace the tools of war are shelved and grow rusty and forgotten and disdained.
        When nations need the young men to sacrifice themselves again who in their right mind would waste their lives on people who hate them anyways. Win or loose.

        PDD 60 Absorbed – 11 hours ago (edited)
        Geopolitical fact: WWII expanded communism into Europe and East Asia. Had a hell of a time getting the Red Army out of Iran too. Oddly, CNN in the 1990s under Ted Turner made a vast series called Cold War uploaded on YouTube….its very good.

        Chris Blue – 20 hours ago
        More likely many of the prisoners were executed and buried where they fell.

        Arnold Human – 11 hours ago
        After 1989, according to some eastern Germans, the russians soldiers based in Eastern Germany, who experienced the euforia in Eastern/western Europe were relocated to Siberia. The crew of the Kursk was left to die when the boat sank and help was offered by the Dutch Smit Tak offshore company. The village Pripjat near Tschernobyl was evacuated. People were send over whole Russia

        arseman arse – 1 day ago
        I read Diane West’s “the red thread” a few weeks back – it gives a bit of background on Nellie Ohr, Comey, Brennan and others – and their leftist influences – short read – but very well done by Diana.
        (5 hours on audiobook which is the version I got, read by Diana)

        Jason – 1 day ago
        But they’re just young MEN.
        We all know that these men would have treated their girlfriends and wives poorly. And these men would have taught their sons to be worse.
        Feminist are happy that these men died by the millions

        mar c – 1 day ago (edited)
        in 1993 while working in prague i met an america bomber pilot in a small village 60 km from prague. He told me his story about american pilots who refused to pull the pins to arm the bombs. they were told to destroy every city in germany over 60,000 population. facing court marshall he and others decided to remain in soviet controlled territory and hide to avoid being sent to the gulag, as well.

        Opinion Pole – 18 hours ago
        Stefan Molyneux. I beg you (beg you, beg you). Please explain to people what Katy? was all about. The left in the West erased it from collective memory but Stalin was Hitlers closest friend and ally. Stalin built Werhmacht’s military might with Soviet steal, Soviet coal and Soviet oil. Two day after Germany attacked USSR train loads of materiel were passing German soldiers advancing the other way because there was no order to stop shipping goods to Germany. In September of 1939 Germany, Soviet Union and Slovakia attacked Poland in concert and Soviet Union took hundreds of thousands of Polish POW’s. Twenty thousands (20,000) of Polish Officers were executed for not conforming to Socialism. I was hoping Diana West would explain that since people who grew up following the Western media would never know about this.

        culliganator – 1 day ago
        You mean Pol Pot’s Cambodia, not Chiang Kai-shek’s.

        Fight Globalism TV –
        saw diana west and had to click right away. EVERYONE should buy her books American Betrayl and The Red Thread… WOW they were very eye opening… Then move on to Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans. I am thinking of starting a book club on my channel. Check it out for a GREAT spygate documentary. Thanks Stefan.

        Moxie – 19 hours ago
        Well you can not have a big car,house and other nice stuff in America if china and rusia have a standard of life as America have hell if they have a half of life standard as America have whole world Will colapse so yes comunisam in Rusa and china is good for amurica.

        Ordinary Mevaker Edwin – 1 day ago
        The problem is those leftists and those who claimed to be liberal is indeed authoritative degenerates.

        Dave R – 1 day ago
        Great interview, and The Red Thread was very interesting.

        phil gibbs – 1 day ago (edited)
        It is going to be called lions of islam day soon, the psychopath elite have replaced feudalism with national socialism and socialism and easter worshippers with islam as their new control system. Just socialism killed over 100million people last century, god knows how many people they will kill this century.

        _ _ _ _ _ END OF TEXT _ _ _ _ _

        • NOTE: — I’ve yet to see anyone, anywhere mention Garggle’s new Social Credit system. The above list might have been much longer if I‘d been willing to squander several more hours building it.

          That extra time is what would have been required to comb through all of the comments and open them for replies which immediately launches Garggle’s app to extort your identity. Only closing the tab entirely and relaunching it will get you back into the comment stream.

          Go back in to open another comment’s replies and, Hey presto! there’s that ID firewall again.

          All of this points to an exceptionally disturbing trend that, regardless of appearances, wasn’t born yesterday. It’s an alarming development that I’ve written about several times at VTB.

          Garggle’s new Social Credit system is this:

          You no longer can watch videos anonymously.

          How much longer will it be until people are no longer allowed to watch videos without furnishing a yes or no vote afterwards?

          Does anyone honestly believe that there will be an “undecided” or “not sure” option? Would Social Media even have the slightest use for that?

          Is anyone willing to bet that partial or disjointed (i.e., randomly accessed) viewings which are voted on anyway will get NOT get special flagging (for whatever variety of reasons)?

          Howsabout people who merely open the clip’s URL but only look at the thumbnails and leave without EVER clicking on ANYTHING?

          Does anyone think these platforms would find NO USE for such information? And if they did, how would those data points be of any value, and in what sort of (unobtrusive or neutral) way? Do the terms “unobtrusive or neutral” EVEN APPLY?

          Does it sound bizarre to predict that viewers eventually will be compelled to vote even before they start watching the video?

          Should people be doubting that this would be perfectly legitimate—no matter how much it sounds like something out of Minority Reportwhich it is?

          Why would anyone think that Social Media platforms might fail to ask viewers ahead of time about why they want to watch the clip in the first place (i.e., “vote”)?

          BE ADVISED: All comments in the preceding list have something in common. I even have SPELLED it out in previous posts at VTB, despite when it has cost me social capital.

          Craziest of all is that I attempted to plant a ringer in that list to see if anyone would spot the non sequitur. Instead, during the publishing process, it became clear that even this seemingly incongruous selection adhered to the same overall pattern.

          Perish the thought that I might be a foulmouthed ogre and spoil anyone’s fun. So, towards that end (of becoming a kinder and gentler foulmouthed ogre), I’ll leave this without any markup until after lunch so that everyone can give it a go.

          Besides, if I stay up any longer, I’ll turn into a pumpkin.

          Speaking of bedtime stories:

          Once upon a time in a land far away, there was an aging king with three beautiful daughters. Feeling his years and knowing that fortune hunters would prey upon his eligible but far-too innocent fillies, he began to strut and fret about how to assure that one of them would marry a husband worthy of the throne.

          The decision was taken to hold a tournament where brave kniggets knights could compete for their fair maiden’s hand. In this, one contender stood out from all of the others.

          A Viking, conspicuous amongst even the fiercest sea rovers, his flaxen locks, unwrinkled brow, twinkling eyes, and winning smile had every feminine heart aflutter. Be it shy nymph or matronly doyenne, each of them squirmed all through the night at the thought of being thrown across the dining table getting that honey spread over their hot little muffins.

          No matter how many times the young damsels had been warned to maintain chaste thoughts solely, they were helpless to dismiss their impure appetites for a little hot and honeyed Danish. Helpless from their throes of anticipation, each mind bubbled and stewed in amorous ferment despite how the cook’s stern advice to forget about muffins echoed in their heedless young ears. She warned them off all that muffin nonsense and spelled it out plainly: “Biscuits on the table … and buns in bed!”

          All three princesses could not help but falling in love with him at first sight. Soft Nordic hands, with their powerful thumbs, gripped their fervid imaginations as they shyly remembered the old wife’s tale about how big thumbs meant only one thing in a man … a really huge pair of gloves.

          Though not at all aquiline, neither was his nose a button and, in a snap, each of them fastened on the way he buckled their knees whenever they thought back to having been told that a sizable snoot always promised something every woman liked in a man … a big honkin’ handkerchief.

          No feet of clay were to be found at the other end of his legs. Instead, he nimbly clambered into their trio of nubile hearts in a way that positively contradicted the dimensions of his considerable boots. Each young maid desperately wanted to find it within her—thoughts of his shoes, that is—as she conjured up visions of his magic wand waving languidly before them amidst recollections of being told about big feet being the surest sign of … a large shoe size.

          There were stars in their eyes which flared with the heat of a thousand midnight suns. All of them were getting warm to the touch and, with their Mercury rising in the house of Venus, each fevered imagination hoped to have their temperature taken with what could only be, his irresistible oral thermometer.

          The morning dawned across a cloudless sky that assured perfect weather for the king’s grand tourney. The court of honor was assembled beneath a billowing canopy of royal purple that rippled like the glistening, oiled torsos of those fighting men not yet fully armored by their squires.

          The lists were entered and, unlike other swordsmen, the Dane like to use his Lancelot. This only heightened the women’s agitation as they thought him mounting up, and then vigorously spearing and thrusting in such passionate combat that they nigh-well fainted at the thought of being stretched beyond the limits of their … febrile ardors.

          One after another, challengers fell to the indomitable will of this Scandinavian warrior.

          From how the ladies behaved, it became increasingly difficult to separate the beserker from the merely beserk. No longer able to contain their lust, they hurried from that Eglintonian field with minds obsessed and loins aquiver over which of their trio was destined to greedily swallow the intoxicating nectar that would assuredly spill in mouthwatering torrents from his overfilled … loving cup.

          Hardest of all would be the shaft of his … longsword’s blade, all blunt and hot from the fierce poking and prodding that enraptured their senses as they crouched there, hoping to get the deepest possible … field of view..

          In an almost unseemly sort of haste, these mewling mademoiselles made a mad dash his majesty’s throne room, hoping to be the one flooded with … joyous tidings of marriage.

          Amidst a fanfare of trumpets, the old king took his throne and summoned forward the gallant victor. Striding with a manly gait, he approached the dais and bowed to his liege. The sovereign clapped his hands and minstrels filled the air with melodies hinting of flowing veils, first kisses, and wedding nights of endless, sweet, agonizing torment for the chosen one.

          Sword in hand, this superannuated monarch dubbed the conquering hero his viceroy and heir apparent, and the moment of truth had come. Who would this fearless fighter take for his princely prize? It was for him to choose and the process was none too simple.

          The eldest sister, with her chockful bodice, was entering the fullness of womanhood and exuded that hypnotic aphrodisiac that only mesmerizing, come hither bedroom eyes can convey. She coughed timidly but with just enough inspiration to lift her décolletage into udder-shuddering quivers of salacious suggestiveness.

          The middle lass was anything but middling. Her peaches and cream complexion hinted at salubrious juices flooding from the lightly fuzzed and rounded mound of tender, ripe fruit that only life’s bountiful dessert cart can bring.

          The youngest was a study in coltish pulchritude that prepubescent boys might be dim enough to ignore. Her cheerful visage was framed in flowing tresses that reached down to a waspish waist. That elfin girth betrayed an hourglass shape which could only invite the excruciating sting of abraded sensitivities that threatened to see her engulf him in the folds of her tender … clasp.

          The time had come, the die was cast, and whose trousseau was this towering Templar’s to take?

          None of them.

          He chose the king, of course. For you must remember … this is a fairy tale.

          • Wow! Just wow.

            Does this mean that no one here at VTB is smarter than Diana West or Stefan Molyneux?

            I truly had thought otherwise but will reluctantly accept this sort of thundering silence as consent (much as how utterly ridiculous that is).

            This is rather difficult to believe. Particularly since the issue in question already has been narrowed down for all of you to a mere:

            30 seconds

            I’d felt reasonably sure that this sort of demand on people’s attention spans wouldn’t overload anyone’s delicate sensibilities. Shows what I know. Meh.

            It’s astounding to even entertain the notion that no one at VTB has the wit nor wisdom to step in and figure out where MOLYNEUX TOTALLY SCREWED THE POOCH AND DERAILED HIS ENTIRE VIDEO.

            Those comments I scraped are there for a reason. They show that NO ONE, NOT EVEN DIANA WEST OR MOLYNEUX HIMSELF realized his monstrous GAFFE. This, despite obvious opportunities. I guess it’s what happens when people don’t read the mouseprint.

            Those two dozen excerpts demonstrate something else that is very important as well but, DESPITE FLAGRANT HINTS, everyone here seems unable (or simply unwilling) to deduce.

            Far be it from me to question why or even whether this might be important to people who are so amped up about unmasking the lies and sickness engulfing our modern world. Hallejuah for a Constitutional which forbids any law that prevents good men from doing nothing.

            Fortunately, I NEED NOT INSULT MYSELF, by calling Dear Gentle Readers stupid, as that is clearly NOT the case. Just like Carl Benjamin, I wouldn’t even do that.

            Just not smart enough I guess, but however unexpected or outlandish that conclusion may be. Thank goodness it’s a free country. Party hearty gang.

            Just for the record, I’ve lived with my nose pressed to the windowpane for several decades (quite shocking, no?) so, please remain supremely confident that this sort of hack, third-rate, shunning doesn’t even rate. Hell, I’ve been banned from better websites than this.

            All the same, when some Muslim pokes out your eyes, don’t come looking for me.

            So much for the truth,


            PS: The irony of something like this abortion of intellect happening at a largely pro-choice website such as VTB, ON MEMORIAL DAY NO LESS, is worthy of an entire essay altogether. Rest assured that, one day, it will be published, just elsewhere (in all likelihood).

            One thing is certain, at worst I adequately respect those who made the ultimate sacrifice on my behalf so that there was even a vague chance of typing these words, here, or at any other website on this planet).

            For that I am eternally grateful and beseech all that ‘s great and good upon this green Earth that they be undisturbed as they Rest In Peace. I owe every last Allied soldier and volunteer, no matter how Unknown, so much for the humbling Elysium of Liberty and beauty that is America.

            This is why I fight and devil take the hindmost.

            • Personally I barely have time to even skim this comment let alone watch that video.

              I find Stephen takes an hour to say what a good comic can say with a 3 liner.

              • Personally I barely have time to even skim this comment let alone watch that video.

                Who’s asking anybody to watch a nearly one-hour video?

                How could I have been more clear than:

                I WILL ASK that you please listen (if only starting) from time point – 00:08:56 and see if you aren’t questioning your own sanity by T = 00:09:30 (see below).


                Maybe my cocktail napkin math is wrong. Let’s check…


                Nope. In fact, less than thirty seconds.

                All those scraped comments? They’re merely a preponderance of evidence to prove that Molyneux and West (who it’s safe to presume actually reviewed the interview before publication) both failed miserably at catching a CRUCIAL one-word switch.

                Does anyone honestly think that I’d waste everybody’s time whining about a smidgen of incorrect grammar?

                If so, I may have gathered some serious misimpressions about the literacy and comprehension levels here at VTB. Thankfully, that seems unlikely.

                Sadly, such a conclusion only points to something far worse.

                Molyneux’s mix-up is the sort of blunder that million dollar lawsuits have hinged upon. I know this from personal experience because I once had to interrupt a deposition when my own lawyer didn’t catch someone making the identical same sort of flub.

                Ask yourself this: Why else would I bring it up?

                If my goal was to waste everybody’s time, why would I post well-written breakdowns of nosebleed, leading-edge, high-end technologies that require hundreds of words to explain in layman’s terms? My almost unanimous +9-of-10 lecture scoring from students indicates that clarity is not an issue.

                Were my preference for trollish drive-by crap, why would I take the time or patience to post a link about some of the world’s most incredibly beautiful and fascinating birds?

                Why would I even bother sharing how an attempt was made to physically assault me without myself having engaged in the least profanity or political discussion?

                Was it for sheer self-aggrandizement that I spent several hours ensuring our Dear Gentle Readers were given immediate perspective—as with my personal account of the Dresdener Frauenkirche rebuild—into the Notre Dame Atrocity that (unsurprisingly) MSM outlets would never reveal, and which helped make clear the outright filth and lies surrounding Macron’s shrugging off of this blaze as an accident?

                Of one thing I am certain. No effort was made by me to stifle any discussion or further broadening of investigations into what was a trauma inflicted upon the entire world (or any other topics, for that matter).

                If you had the commendable courage to drop in this comment, maybe you’d care to reply about that. Sadly, this isn’t the first time my earnest efforts here have been so casually misinterpreted.

                I’m only asking people to watch a THIRTY SECOND segment.

                In fact, I challenge anyone to find where I’ve posted more than a few clips PER YEAR that are even slightly near one hour in length.

                Perhaps mistakenly, I labored under the illusion that Dear Gentle Readers might want to see why watching one’s language is so incredibly important.

                Again, why not take less than half a minute to verify that ONE OF CANADA’S MOST FAMOUS CONSERVATIVE VOICES SCREWED THE POOCH?

                Rest assured that if I see Ezra Levant, Jordan Peterson, Pat Condell, Ann Barnhardt, Baron Bodissey, Dymphna, or anyone else making this sort of incredible howler, including myself, I’ll be shrieking all over again.

                Hell, I owe this place at least that much. Right?

                I find Stephen takes an hour to say what a good comic can say with a 3 liner.

                I agree about Molyneux. Fortunately, just like Phil Haney, what he lacks in presentation, he makes up for in density and quality of content.

  2. 6 – She is right, they use to be called Mohammedans because their actions show they worship Mohammad not Allah.

    4 – I would like to know if the Military Judge who sentenced the man and the General or OK’d the sentence were some of the people Obama promoted because they were politically reliable.

    5 – Oh $h1t if France isn’t a literal bloody mess by then they will be shortly after the Jihadists are released.

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