EU Election results coming in for France, Hungary!

??[] The activists of the RN let them explode their joy at the announcement of the results. They shout “we won” by waving French flags. LREM is second, the Greens are surprisingly third.

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz seen winning 56% of votes in EU election – survey

BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungary’s ruling right-wing Fidesz party could win 56 percent of votes in the European parliamentary election, state television reported on Sunday, citing a survey by pro-government pollster Nezopont.


According to the survey, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party was well ahead of the Socialists and the leftist Democratic Coalition who were expected to win 10% each. The nationalist Jobbik was seen getting about 9%, and Momentum party 7%, state TV said.


Voter turnout was 41.74% at 1630 GMT according to data from the national election office. Polls close at 1700 GMT.

H/T Sassy, M.

Poland’s exit polls are looking good as well:

According to Green Infidel, Law and Justice 1st, the far right in 4th and 5th. The summary as GI explains it is:

pro-Soros/leftists 47%, patriots/nationalists/anti-leftists 52.6%

Thank you Green Infidel!

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