Gang of muslims go on beating spree in Germany

Germany must be like Hell’s version of a Garden of Eden for muslims, where they can go beating, maiming, murdering and raping the peaceful defenceless locals with little to no consequences. Often the worst of which, is to be sent back to the places they made a living hell. But that rarely happens and when it does, useful idiots protest till they are removed from the aircraft.
I dimly recall that a freed deportee in the UK, who was freed after a plane load of idiots mimicked that Swedish communist girl, went on to victimize another Brit quite seriously but I cannot find the link on that at the moment.

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3 Replies to “Gang of muslims go on beating spree in Germany”

  1. The rule of law is dead in Germany (and many other European Nations), it is time for the Europeans of all nations to start protecting themselves against the invaders and the governments that have betrayed them.

  2. I have a fair paper on my blog-page:
    My paper is called Islam 101, and cites the 109 violent verses from the Quran, mentions FGM and offers the three choices: 1) convert to Islam, 2) die 3) pay jizya as a ‘person of the book.’
    The only way America and Europe can be ‘protected’ from Islam is to ‘fight’ it. In Europe the fight takes bullets, but America can still use a ‘legal’ fight without bullets. Otherwise, we’re all dead.

  3. I’ve been drunk more times than I care to remember, but never assaulted anybody. There’s always an excuse with these losers, they’ll never take responsibility for their actions. And even if they were acting under the influence, they chose to drink and consume “narcotics”, they made themselves drunk and high.
    Btw sound on left channel only.

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