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4 Replies to “Barry Webb on the Muslim Brotherhood logo”

  1. WOW, frightening ! Needs to be widely distributed. In OZ our National Broadcaster is a total knave to Qatar’s Al Jazeera – they use this islamic Goebbels Successor nearly exclusively as their “News Source”. I shall send it to my French friends, in view of Macron owing quite a lot to the Muslim Brotherhood and they showing quite a febrile presence eg Annual Conferences etc. especially in the North. I also think this interview should be a companion piece to any and every utterance from any and every Muslim Brotherhood Member.

    Just a little suggestion: I think it would be good to give a short bio of Mr. Barry Webb for those who might have missed the first interview ?

    I have seen “Jihad” for he first time used in verb form – I like it and will, with Mr. Webb’s assumed permission, borrow it.

    Did Obama REALLY make American soldiers wear this emblem (shown towards the end of the interview??????!!!!!!) I seem to remember that Obama was quite – if not instrumental – so at least onside with the Egyptian MB-TopDog, Morsi.

    I hope Obama/Clinton/Merkel/May/Macron etc. will be put into ONE single cell, when the truth will finally be laid bare.

  2. “jihading”
    to jihad
    or not to jihad

    Je jihad
    Tu jihades
    Il/elle jihade
    Nous jihadons
    Vous jihadez
    Ils/elles jihadent

  3. UK capital of the MB. Sounds about right.
    That’s that’s supposed to be our closest ally, that “special relationship” everybody bangs on about? With whom we share 5-Eyes intelligence?

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