ANTIFA propaganda video asking people to join them in breaking German laws

This is a little brazen. And may be a data point to the idea that at some level at least, ANTIFA is a deep state sponsored organization making sure that Merkel and her coalition never lose power simply because the actual public hates them.

Here ANTIFA encourages the public to join them on what should be called “terrorism”, since it is violence to disenfranchise another point of view.

I have not heard of any arrests for this. Imagine what would happen if a ‘right-wing group’ made a similar video.

Thank you MissPiggy for the translation.

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10 Replies to “ANTIFA propaganda video asking people to join them in breaking German laws”

      • Now we should not complain.
        Forget about “SHOULD” !

        No moaning complaints of a victim, that’s just contemptible. Your rage is righteous: raise holy hell –
        You keep fighting: even going down, you struggle to take another out with you. At least cripple him. Maybe the guy who would’ve raped your wife, bashed out your kid’s brains.

        Give up, fall on your face in tears, you’re already dead. A soulless zombie. Who dares take G-d’s name in vain!

    • Never give up. Giving up in anticipation of giving up – that’s just silly.

      Defeatism is contagious, thus offensive.
      Has Vlad worked so hard, so long – to provide a forum for defeatists to lick up each others’ vomit?

  1. While the next elections may bring in a Nationalist Government (which will cause a civil war) acttions like these may steal the election for Merkel. I am afraid that only a civil war will remove the globalists from power in Germany and France. It will probably that civil wars or invasion by liberators to restore freedom to Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

  2. Wouldn’t that be just so special if Bernie snuck in there and won the US Presidency in 2020? Wouldn’t that just really suck? Like, Bernie doesn’t even know there’s a world out there away from the United States. Can you imagine the problems we’d all face with a die-hard communist who knows nothing about the world at the helm of the USS America? Can you actually picture Bernie Sanders as the real live President of the United States?

    Don’t let that happen. Have your deathbed rolled down to the voting place, reach out your shaking hand, and place your shaking “X” next to Donald Trump then go home and die happy…:)

  3. This is hardly a new phenomenon in Germany. Remember the RAF?

    And the Autonome, who seem to be the main inspiration for US Antifa:

    Italy was, and I think still is, another hotbed for this kind of extremism (Red Brigades).
    And last but not least, Greece has a large anarchist community, they even run a neighborhood of Athens:

    It’s now full of immigrant squatters as well, to make it even more of a Petri dish for extremism:

    The greek communists started a civil war after WWII:

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