Pierre Cassen of Riposte Laïque on the state of Christianity in France

This is a highly worthy rant on the state of things in France. I would ask you all to watch and spread this please.

Frankly France has had a Causus Belli with Islam now for a decade at least. At this point it doesn’t matter who lit the match at Notre Dame. There is more than enough already to start fighting back.

I made an error in the original title as well as in the video itself. This was not Maxime Lepante, but Pierre Cassen of Riposte Laïque 

Very sorry, at the moment I do not even remember why I thought it was Maxime.

Please forgive. I will likely fix the video somehow later on.


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  1. It would be dark irony indeed if the fire turned out to be truly accidental but the incident succeeded in igniting a huge backlash anyway. If I was a Muslim living in France I would be seriously looking into relocating to a Muslim country before the mobs with the lederhosen and the pitchforks came for me…

    • Uh, they don’t care. They think they are conquerors and the country belongs to them – and not just France. This is also happening on a regular basis in Germany. Churches, crosses and gravesite being destroy.

      • Dear Frenchman!

        You took away the 2/3 territory and 1/3 population of my country with a stroke of a pen. Hear these words:

        “Önök most megásták Magyarország sírját, de Magyarország ott lesz a temetésén mindazon országoknak, amelyek most itt megásták Magyarország sírját.”

        “You have now dug the grave of Hungary, but Hungary will be there at the funeral of all the countries that have now here dug the grave of Hungary.” – Count Apponyi Albert of Hungary – Treaty of Trianon (1920)

        Come and see!

        • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Trianon

          The West has only done this to 1 country. What has it done to other countries during history?

          Dear Westerners.
          God took away your strength. You cannot resist even the 3rd world. The 3rd world is your punishment. Until that you will be like the 3rd world. Your countries will be dissolved on the gracious way of total-new-communism. Eastern communism only reversed 2 values (private property and individual evolution) but the new Western communism will revese all the values. Deprivatisation of property? Sounds good? That only follows. Hell is here for you.

            • I feel sorry for the half (right side) of western people. I have good memories being an exchange student. I follow events closely. But some western states really need to suffer a bit, learn to be on the shadowy side of history.
              The west cut central Europe into pieces, let her down in hard times every occasion (even the helping of Kosovo and bombing Serbia turned out to be misunderstood, now seems it was a fight against christians for muslims), but eastern and central Europe slowly finding new unity. When I was a child soviets were really bad, but now Russians are admirable and clean, much ahead of the West (not economically yet of course).
              Old breed?
              I read youtube and much news comments by western people. They have been saying for at least five years, they wouldn’t let this to happen. And really nothing is happening, you go deeper and deeper into the new cultural (later economic) communism and islamism.
              I am curious what the West will perform in the coming EU elections. I am on your side. I would like UK to be saved, I don’t care about Germany, but the France must be cut in 7 pieces to have an Islam part, a LBTQX part, a feminist part, an african part, a Spanish part, a German part, and a French part of their country for 150 years – to learn to respect others.

              • You have some valid and worthy points I have to admit.
                My Polish friend has a very dim view of Churchill because of how he abandoned them to the commies. I sympathize.

                • Thanks for your support.
                  I left a longer comment explaining Hungarian (a little right-ish) sentiment. I hope you read it and I managed to explain my thoughts. Under this.
                  Best regards,

              • Just imagine Hungary were among superpowers and won WW1.
                Without any knowledge about culture and history it would have give a big part of England 50 km from the border to Wales, a 50 km from the coast to Ireland km and attach the whole north England 150 km south from today border to Scotland. Making every neighbour country a very self-conscious “power” telling the right to the remaining England.
                Giving the southern states of US to Mexico, giving the northern states to Canada, giving the western states California to Oceania (they have to have a sovereignty and independence! from US!) and giving back the eastern states to England. How the US thinks he can keep this many states!
                Weird isn’t it?
                This is what the West (Especially the French) did to Hungary after World War I.

        • Hello Eeyore!

          Thanks for reading my comments. I know you are into world politics and that you sympathize with us, and I would like to tell you the story about this „Trianon” situation to understand us better.
          Reading common people comments (on the right) in Hungary they are following western events. They are horrified how fast values, the cultural standards and ethnical proportions changes. 3 of them from 5 tells that he is NOT sorry for the West! And this sentiment is just because of Trianon Treaty of WW1 and not because of the bombing in WW2 or the later let-downs. The latter is understandable for us.
          I am not a far-right person, I only understand some hungarist thought. But do you know how we call the French? „Nyugat-Románok” This means not Western-Romans, but Western-Romanians. They are close friends to brownish Romanians and after WW1 under this treaty they gave all Erdély (Transylvania) a land big like the whole Hungary they gave it to their friends, the Romanians. An ancient land that was belonged to Hungary for 1000 years, a land we were proud of. They gave northern Hungarian territories to Slovaks, They gave all north-eastern counties to Ukrainians, they gave southern counties to the Serbians. And we never had lands from Croatia and Slovenia, but we lived in Union with them for 800 years in peace. (Not like England with the Scottish) And the West cancelled this Union with a stroke of a pen. Raised those nations without statehood to self-consciousness to an unhealthy pride.
          Did these countries wanted this? Of course! But how! You know the best that in every country there is an opposition political side every time, that must be called Left or Far-Right. So these extremist people had ran to Versailles personally and told only the worst things about Hungary, most of it lies. Allies believed them easily. They only knew Attila. Hungary was the Hun aggressor and the loser on the side of Germany in their eyes. But she very rarely did any violent acts, and let those people to live under the Holy Crown for 60 years free. Only sixty years because we also were under Habsburg (Austrian) rule from 1680-1867 (1918). So this induced to fight on their side in WW1.
          Before, we were under Turkish rule for 150 years from 1526. We couldn’t have done anything wrong to those people. We were busy with our own self-preservation. Every bad was done by those conquerors, and when peaceful Hungary got back its independence with the original – and must be highlighted – natural Union she was immediately mutilated by France. How this France country had the right to make decisions about a region 2000 km from them?
          What about the land? Who were those nation surrounded Hungary? Who are they? This must be told.
          Because of the Turk destruction and 150 years of occupation, many parts of the country had become empty. Hungarian kings, and Austrian emperors let mountain people, were only like tribes to come down from the hills and grazing animals on the plains. Who were these mountain tribes that were let into Hungarian territory? They were the Vlahs (today Romanians), the Slovaks (They are not Chechs!) and the Serbs. They are mountain people with mountain minds and mountain spirits. The Romanians are even worse because they are Balcanic (half-brown) people. The Serbs like the peripheral Russians. Rusins come from Ukraine hills to Transcarpathia, got accommodation from the Hungarians. This started from the beginning, year 1000.
          We knew these smaller nations for centuries and lived together like Germans lived together with a Turkish guest workers in 1970. We lived most time in peace with them, we fought together against the Turks. These nations were natural satellite nations (tribes) without the strength to form a state. And we let them into our country beside that they have their smaller own regions. Hungary was a peaceful host country. The territory of the Holy Crown of St. Stephen „HUNgary” means not only the nation „Magyar” (core Hungarian) but the gathering land of Huns consisting of various smaller, greater and core nations. As the Huns were consists of more ethnics. This is not the constructed EU but this was a 1000 years old symbiotic coexistence of different people, – must be said – with the proper proportions.
          And Hungary was the head and those nation were the other body parts.
          Now imagine that you let some foreign shepherds to grazing their flock on your land. And tomorrow comes the fair uncle and gives your land to them. It seems that you yourselves give your land to 3rd world people. Be careful. Some day, some power might say those lands are the lands of the migrants and they suddenly form a new country.
          These people live in our buildings built by us 100 years ago. They haven’t done much in 100 years. They did nearly nothing. Now they gather on our squares, they live in our country, they use our land. They achieved their spiritual maturity to form a state sitting on our back, then biting us. Do these Balcanic, mountain, spiritless shepherds deserve this? The French thought they not only deserve this but they gave huge slices from core Hungarian territories with millions of Hungarians to them. Oh, they developed in the 20the century. They deserve to have their oversized artificial countries, because they developed enough to tell us their independent pride continuously. Only they have half of the IQ. What they got from far and foreign powers as a present for their new national identity? They received 30% of our population.
          Now they don’t let our people to speak their own language, they don’t let us to study in our own schools, in the buildings we built. They moved their filthy officers and inequitable authorities from their balcanic capitals to our cities. These high spirits telling us from 1920 what to do in our homes in a territory as big as our today country. Slowly and gradually displacing the language and our culture. But there are lands in Transylvania what they cannot reach. And now with programs started by Orban’s government, every lost part of our country started to be saved. They are financing schools, enterprises. If the mountain people close one of our institutions we open another.
          That is why sometimes we wish, that those powers who caused this would learn what they had done in reality. And it seems they will. People of the 3rd word, people of other religions started to infiltrate into your states and institutions and hopefully the West will learn what is to be like to live under the rule of cavemen. Not to be this rude, you should learn what is to be like when less talented persons than you becoming your bosses. The West must experience what is to lose your national unity, the unity what provides and ensures the strength and the progress of your people.
          That is why Count Apponyi’s words are getting to be more true every day.
          God helps you, like helped us!

  2. If he is a good example of what the French people are thinking everyone in authority had better find a real deep hole to hide in because it looks like Madame le Guillotine is about to be pulled out of retirement.

    • How many times does a regular decent person have to be called a “racist” and a “neo-Nazi” for simply wanting to discuss certain topics such as immigration and freedom of speech before that ordinary person gets really angry? Quit calling me a damn “racist!”. Quit conflating “illegal immigrants” with legitimate legal immigrants for the purpose of making me look like I blindly hate all immigrants. Quit calling true statements about the religion of Islam “hate speech” and “propaganda” and allow that if you can prove something it is therefore not a lie. I can see the anger bubbling away to a white heat as the insults, the threats and the lies go by…

  3. It’s a very compelling video. Out here on the left coast of the USA, I wonder and doubt if the French have the ability let alone the will to confront the leftists and muslims. I say this as a Francophile.

  4. Death

    The Father-less Golden Rule:
    “Love Your Neighbor!” “Share The Gruel!”
    Mothers bred in Time’s Gene Pool
    Horsemen ride: War, Famine, Fool.

  5. Speaking with my father this morning about the fire he did what he always does–surprise me. At 92 years old he trudges on, his job in life now the diligence of stubbornly keeping death at arm’s length. He is an erudite, kind-hearted old Hungarian, and I consider myself the luckiest son on Earth to still have him around.

    “What a tragedy”, I said.
    “Absolutely it is. Imagine they started building it in 1163. It was commissioned by Pope Alexander the Third.” His memory for what happened yesterday is sketchy while his knowledge of dates is Aspergers-like. I poured his coffee.

    “Israel has 8-million people and they’re surrounded by 400-million Arabs. They survive. Look at France.”

    I poured my own coffee. He’s way past the need for affirmation, and it’s truly lovely.

    • Israel says:
      “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
      This is the first and greatest commandment.
      And the second is like it: `Love your neighbor as yourself.’
      All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

      France says:
      “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
      This is the first and greatest commandment.
      And the Second is like it: “Love the Self your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
      All the Law and the Human Rights Act hang on these two commandments.

      Islams says:
      Submit to Allah.
      This is the first and greatest commandment.
      And the Second is like it: “Muhammad is His Prophet.”
      All the Law and Hadiths hang on these two commandments.

      Islam: War.
      Socialism: Famine.
      Identity Politics: Fool.

  6. That is always the sixty-four dollar question, isn’t it? “When”. It’s easy enough to see what’s going to happen in the future but often things that seem like they should happen in the next year or so can end up taking decades or longer and there’s no obvious explanation other than that things have their own timetable. We could bumble along like this for ten more years or it could start boiling over tomorrow morning. Who the hell knows. Like, we’ve been hearing about the “right wing” gaining power in Europe for years now but they never seem to gain any real power no matter how much their numbers grow. Tick, tick, tick… The suspense is killing me…

    • The suspense is killing me…

      Exactly as Islam planned. If their jihadis don’t get you, their inbred deformed kids will suck up all of your medical resources and kill you that way. If that doesn’t do it, they’ll chain migrate all the way to hell and back until one of their fuck buddies arrives with Ebola.

      When I mentioned Notre Dame today (at a Catholic organization, no less!) some asshole had the fucking nerve to tell me, “At least nobody died.”

      I shot back, “Try and tell me that more than a few elderly Parisians didn’t drop dead from heart attacks or simply die of sorrow after this desecration.”

      For some odd reason, he’d didn’t have a ready answer. And you’d better believe that the West is shot through with all this sort of shrugging, know-nothing bullshit. Like:

      “Bernie Madoff didn’t kill anybody with his Ponzi scam.”

      Try telling that to the elderly couple who lost their home and are subsisting—unmedicated for their old age ailments—on Fancy Feast cat food while freezing to death beneath some windswept freeway overpass.

      Madoff murdered them as surely as if he did it with his own hands.

      I could give a fig if it was some Islamic terrorist or whatever moron frog bureaucrat who rubber-stamped the immigrant jackal’s work permit. This was terrorism.

      It matters not whether it was done by the Culturally Marxist Left or by whichever sundry Muslim retard didn’t get enough goat sex last night.

      Like Eeyore noted:

      Frankly France has had a Causus Belli with Islam now for a decade at least. At this point it doesn’t matter who lit the match at Notre Dame. There is more than enough already to start fighting back.

      Get the fucking gloves off and begin inflicting upon Islam constant, unignorable pain until something gives. Just like the World Wars and every other major conflict before the 20th century.

      Too bad the French government has been butt-snorkeling Muslims for so long that they all blow their noses with toilet paper.

      • PS: Chris Jones,

        Please post whenever time permits. Your clear-sightedness is always a welcome tonic for the flood of media sewage that washes through this electronic gulch.

        Mmmmm. Sewage and tonic on the rocks.

      • Hey! many of us, used to living hard in the field, used toilet paper for runny noses while tissues were only supplied to the bureaucrats and the names who actually did SFA. Naturally my while family disapprove but my spouse said: ‘better than your sleeve”.

        • Hey! many of us, used to living hard in the field, used toilet paper for runny noses…

          There’s one big difference, pretty lady. Unlike theirs, your nose isn’t that odd shade of brown.

          PS: Since I may not have done so before now, Michelle, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your service to America. I cannot imagine the sacrifices that you have made for this country and only hope you get the occasional giggle out of my scribbling. Thank you so much.

  7. Just returned home and with the lights on came the TV (ask my son that one) and the terminator movie (now off)with this quote in which I replaced one word and added another:
    ” Listen. Understand. That fanatic is out there. It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with…it doesn’t feel pity of remorse or fear…and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead” .
    I disagree with the fear as they do feel it but it has no effect on what they do. Timely.

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