A twitter thread from a stone mason at Notre Dame

The following is a twitter thread by a man who claims to be a stone mason on historic sites, and worked at least twice on the Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame.
Marine le Pen follows him, so that’s not a bad bona fide.

Take this for whatever you want. But it tends to go to evidence that incompetent at best, people of muslim migrant backgrounds are working on these sites with no choice at all about it by the contractors.
People in Canada who do any sort of trades may want to comment if their experience here is similar.

One last thought:
How is affirmative action, not a type of communism, where you decide that people should have certain jobs, not because of level of skill, but because they represent some arbitrary collective which central planning has decided needs to be more represented in certain fields.

I am working in Paris since year 2000 as a mason.
I work at plenty of construction sites.
You need to know that concerning the (construction) teams,
they forced on us, Malians, Cap-Verdians, Maghrebis.

Many hate us, pray on the construction sites.

Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris.

The Notre Dame Cathedral, I worked there.
And its a symbol for me, additionally in being a bad memory
Because during the summer, my boss on the construction site
went on vacation and put me in August on a different construction site
where a Malian attacked me from behind in a surprise attack.

The Malian apprentice has attacked a young novice stone-cutter
and an ancient stone cutter from Alsace.
He told him, “Dirty white, I am not your slave”.
He refused to carry a wheelbarrow of stones
at the construction site
where we were placed in August during (his boss’) vacation.

The Malian waited for me, Monday morning
at the August construction site,
he was sent while our construction site (Notre Dame Paris) boss
was on vacation.
He, (Malian) spat on the floor.
And I did the same.
He called me a dirty bastard
And I answered him
he was a dirty bastard.

And then, when arriving on the construction site in the building
At the moment when I am warning the supervisor of the site hired for August
the Malian punched me hard several times by surprise in the back.
He hated whites. He tried to break my spine.
I still have damages.

The Malian was stopped by the team
The supervisor who liked me
sacked me from the site and the company.
He was protecting himself because
this black Malian was an illegal.
I have been humiliated and this caused me to
feel even more hatred against those people.
He hit me from behind.

All that was in 2005.
The company accepted to rehire me temporarily in 2007
at a different super construction site on the level of historical monuments.
I found out the terrible news at that moment
which caused me to hate those people even more.

In 2007 I am working again with my former supervisor from the construction site of Notre Dame
However at a different construction site.
MH. Manu, I’ve got your back.
We understand each other very well.
He admitted to me that they haven’t fired the black Malian in 2005
but only me.

The Malian choked my site supervisor
who was an affable and friendly guy
Everybody likes him.
He was choking him in the tower of the
Cathedral of Notre Dame.
Just after my boss was joking
He said to him, “Your wife is in Mali, how do you manage?”
They hate us.

Because of this SOB Malian, I couldn’t return to cut the stones in September
when my actual supervisor came back from vacation.
My supervisor hired me in 2007, then in 2008,
then in 2013.
I saw him for my aches and pains because he is a healer.

When the supervisor of the works of the company
for which I was temporarily hired
said precisely “you are fired, both of you. Go home”.
I was devastated. But at that point I did believe that
the other guy was fired as well.
Angry, I told (the supervisor) “I’m going to file a complaint”.

I left humiliated and angry.
I started walking to find a police station
to file a complaint.
A police officer received me in an office
which he shared with his female colleague.
He asked me to explain what happened
the name and description of the worker.

When I said that he was African,
his (the police) female colleague yelled at me.
I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it.
“You could lower your voice!!! I am just calling the office
of the prosecutor, so quiet down.”
FYI This female office was wearing the hand of Fatima necklace.

I will write under this tweet everything that happened to me in Paris since 2012
on construction sites restoring historical monuments.
I had plenty of problems and issues with the people with immigration background.

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9 Replies to “A twitter thread from a stone mason at Notre Dame”

  1. Criminalised for being in the way of mohammedian colonisation. Its upsetting to read and even more upsetting that this information is being suppressed and ridiculed.

  2. Some of these migrants think they can just show up in other countries and take them over. No desire to assimilate. Although their own countries are ruined, they want to bring their misery and radical laws to other countries, without respect for its people or culture.

  3. It’s what the expert working on the restoration site said this morning just as the anchor cut him off. He alluded to their biggest problem: Not being able to keep an eye on all the contractor’s staff that seemed to be a problem. He didn’t state it in those words but it was clear listening to him just before they cut him off.

  4. Allowing unskilled, sulky, potentially violent immigrant laborers to work on a national shrine is like handing some kid a power sander and asking him to polish the crown jewels.

    Two immediate conclusions can be reached, so far:

    1.) After over EIGHT HUNDRED attacks on French churches in 2018 and, just days earlier, desecration of the St. Denise reliquary, the following individuals:

    • Paris Police Chief
    • Paris Immigration Head
    • Immigrant Labor Head
    • Restoration Project Government Liaison
    • 4th Arrondissement Police Chief
    • All officers assigned to the cathedral’s precinct

    with their skulls on pikes, might be a good start. Micron, too.

    2.) Even if it was sheer hiring incompetence: What were any of these semi-retarded cretins doing anywhere near the roof line? (This is where the blaze supposedly started.)

    What possible task could they accomplish up there aside from nudging some European workers off of a scaffold so they could fall to their deaths?

    Just allowing these scum sufficient clearance required to enter such a high-risk work site represents dereliction of duty and malfeasance. One can only suppose that the anguish of admitting (even if only to one’s self) that these shits were enemies of the state—at the ready to vandalize whatever national treasure presented itself—was too onerous of a mental calculus for these Culturally Marxist batrachians.

  5. Unfortunately this has become STANDARD in almost every occupation in the west. Big companies are scared &#^%less to not keep the local left happy and bend over to keep up their minority percentages. the joke is that many of those whom you think work as they are employed, often do not and the above is typical as they KNOW they are unsackable. Currently just finding a general practitioner in my country who has English as a first language is near impossible for many while if your female one rolls up in high heels, designer dress and full make up, BEWARE! She is a part time dilettante and another waste of space. I deliberately tried to find a new female GP and it took 9 before I found one who had a clue and most of the other 8 looked like they had never had their hands dirty. I am so ashamed of women who take on a job that they have no intentions of doing properly but are given the chance solely because they are female. Yet there have been exceptions: my O/G was the best by a mile. I digress apols.

  6. The pot is simmering and twitter feeds like this one are getting the facts out to the masses. This is why the various totalitarian governments want to censor what is said on the net. This is starting out to be a summer for the history books, keep tuned because it looks like things are going to get much worse before winter.

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