Notre Dame on fire now

Whoever or however the fire started, many muslims seem delighted about it:


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  1. Well, we all can extrapolate from the track record of previous assaults on churches everywhere that this is the hand of muhammad in action. If this dos NOT find a backbone in France then they really are doomed as it would appear that only open civil war is the rapidly dwindling last chance for France as it soon will be for the UK and Germany.
    Wait for the excuses as they remove the muslim names from those doing the repairs. Hire them at your risk/ They must be laughing in the aisles over how easy it all is and will be roaring more with the pathetic coming excuses of the establishment to dump the blame on the noxious right/gas mains/sewer gas/etc.. It is so infuriating to be so helpless.
    Will the French seize the moment at least?

    • You are right, open civil war is the only hope for France, Belgium, Holland and other European nations. I doubt that Germany and Britain can be saved by anything other the open civil war but they may find some way to avoid that type of war.

      This should be a wake up call for everyone in Europe, the politicians will ignore this as they do all terror attacks but the Patriots in the police and military should discover that they are French and that this means ignoring the Traitorous politicians and acting to save their nation.

      • I actually fear that the loss of the once unifying force(Christianity) in the west will be our undoing as secular westerners do not give a damn about churches once they have their selfie in front of it. The west is too greedy, too content, too stupefied by TV rubbish, too brainwashed by leftist teachers, too lazy and too selfish to stem the tide. God wont help us if we will not.

        • We don’t need everyone supporting our cause to win, one Third supporting and 3 to 10% fighting will do. People who don’t know much military history assume that all successful revolutions and resistance movements had 100% of the population supporting them. Never has happened and never will.

        • During times of crisis people turn to religion, even those who don’t truly believe will turn to religion. The people in Venezuela are returning to the Churches in droves, when things get bad enough in France they will do the same. Yes some will convert to Islam but most will return to Christianity. This won’t happen over night but it will happen.

      • If the causes cannot be hidden successfully, part of the Macron string pullers will try to shift some suspicions towards the Yellow Vests.

        • Copied from a post elsewhere>>>let’s all enjoy the French authorities and the coming excuses…marsh gas, gas mains, KKK, old white men, NeoNazis, Climate change, toxic masculinity, Donald trump, Nigel Farage, yellow vests, Marine le pen and we must never forget the nasty Israelis.

  2. If they had evidence that this was an Islamic Jihad attack I wonder if the French government would just go ahead and bury that evidence and say the fire was started by accident. One thing’s for certain, and that is that if this was Muslims it would do nothing but good things for Marie Le Pen’s chances of becoming President…

    • Like Las Vegas and many other times & places the establishment will never allow the real truth to emerge and will look for some white infidel worker with a low IQ (see Oklahoma perhaps) and dump it on him. We All know that they will not think twice about doing such.

    • Critical thinking: The fire started some ten minutes after Basilica visiting hours were over and all people had left.

      The intent was to destroy the Basilica. Had the fire started earlier when people were inside, the firemen would have been notified immediately, thus limiting the damage.

      This is an attack on Christianity and European culture.

      • Yes, Sassy.
        Passively take it? = That’s it……….
        ……..Exfiltrate the Resistence.
        Figure out how we can help the patriots from the outside. Protect precious resources from the Gestapo.

      • This is the test of the French people.

        I’m stunned that someone of your sagacity missed the following important points.

        First of all, this is not just a “test”. Be that as it may, if this were an actual emergency, the attention signal you have just heard would have been followed by some really, really, reeeeeeally bright flashes, a dusting of ashes, a few fits or rashes and no more of this jihadist bullshit.

        Next point of clarification: Any meaningful talk of a graded test mandatorily involved lots of graders grading the rubble of mosques everywhere.

        Furthermore, whatever mention made of “Pass or Fail” is another steaming load of manure. Since all that means is: Pass into appeasing extinction or Fail to continue living.

        Fewer still are willing to confess that it’s actually Pass and Fail. As in: Pass up this chance to save Western Civilization and Fail forever in the eyes of all future generations.

        If that sounds too improbable, hell, I’ll even settle for: Pass the buck and Fail to escape being tried for Crimes Against Humanity.

        Remember, all marks aside, this is where the “head of the class” often has a peculiarly detached air about him. You don’t even want to ask about the imam’s extra curricular requirements for class valedictboomian. Who cares about GPAs or PhDs when they’re handing out the RPGs?

        And yes, Mark Twain’s words were never truer than when he wrote about how:

        The secret source of Humor itself is not joy but sorrow.

  3. 1. Eglise St. Sulpice, 2. Basilique St. Denis, 3. Notre Dame
    I want to see a watertight alibi from that Pope with the fetish for snogging muslim feet!!!

    • I would rather see him removed by any means and a non eunuch placed in his position. Hmm a foot fetish with males…never heard of such a fetish in gay men but I guess ….”anything goes” now(apologies to Fred)

  4. The fruits of the European hijra are ripening. Rapes, brutal attacks, murders, robberies, arson, kidnappings. And the desecration of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.

    The mohammedans are despicable but it is the French dhimmis, who to “keep the peace”, have bowed to their islamic masters, that have my upmost contempt. They will probably “investigate” this fire, and proclaim it an accident and move on to touting how great multiculturalism is.

    • Al-Jaz: Another approach to pacify the distressed:
      Minimize the apparent scale of damage.
      – – A miracle – nothing that can’t be fixed with a little zamzam water – –
      – – Don’t believe your lying eyes.


    FACT: Architecture is one of humanity’s highest expressions of self and the great cathedrals are quintessential examples thereof.

    Right now, I am on the verge of tears, wandering through my home in a daze, and, beyond gobsmacked. Cocooned in this near-catatonic state there becomes clear two distinct facts.

    FACT ONE: If EU ethnic cleansing doesn’t begin STAT, such cowardice will be interpreted as abject surrender by its Muslim invaders. This torching of Notre Dame is the Fort Sumter of Europe’s Civil War. Anyone incapable of admitting this now-unignorable fact is the enemy..

    Alternately—and this is not the second fact—EU Muslims must begin liquidating their jihadist ranks (as if!) to prove why debating their wholesale deportation should take longer than an eyeblink. As in: The Muslims either purge their own ranks or pursue open warfare with Europeans. One or the other.

    Most gruesome of all is even a remote possibility that this will be shunted down Wonderland’s memory hole.

    FACT TWO: I predicted this exact event around when Islam mutilated the Bamiyan Buddhas.

    BONUS FACT THREE: Fair Rita hath not the vomit bucket adequate to contain my bilious hatred. Mayhaps Europeans are able to gulp down this bolus of sewage but I cannot. This is an end to things, only the extent of which remains in question.

    Islam delenda est.

  6. Year 2021. After 2 years French authorities didn’t find resources to rebuild Notre Dame. They decided to tear down the remaining ruins.
    Year 2022. The place where once Notre Dame was rising sold.
    Year 2024. Biggest mosque in France build in the same place.

    Nobody will care.

  7. Oracle

    Share with a mosque, not built yet.
    Thank arsonists from The Left.
    Yellow Vests are made the threat.
    Foot-kissing Jesus, funds minaret.

          • “I didn’t say it was or should be a crime.
            It’s simply gratuitously offensive to some of our friends at VTB.”

            Then, let’s prove your assertion.

            To all your friends at VTB, please tell me why you are “gratuitously offended.”

            This matter will be cleared up in no time.

          • Jesus in The Bible never kissed feet.
            White Washed Walls are how they all greet.
            Holy Virtue upon Lesser-Complete
            Working in Penance to clean-up deceit.

            Foot-kissing Jesus
            Maneki Cat
            Laughing Buddha
            Means Currency back.

            [And you warned me not to expose this Jesus – because it might be offensive to those enslaved by Religion?]

      • Judas Iscariot is totally misrepresented thanks to the “church” ignoring and doing its very best to destroy 28 of the 32 known gospels. IIRC there have been some 12 or so discovered complete. almost complete fragments of another 4 or so and the rest we have fragments and commentaries on about 8. JI was the treasurer and the MOST trusted disciple along with Mary Magdalene. His actions were by the request of JoN as he wanted the then totally Jewish Christians to be allowed to pray as an official sect in the temple. However his previous actions had upset the “establishment” and they saw this as a way to be rid of him. JI was horrified and blamed himself. As for his suicide there is no evidence although it is likely

  8. Donald J. Trump: So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!

    Too bad that neither Trump nor anybody on his immediate staff even marginally comprehend that a full load of water from an aerial tanker flying at safe drop speeds would hammer this already fragile and now-weakened architectural jewel LIKE A WRECKING BALL WEIGHING SEVERAL TONS.

    My heart is breaking.

    Jesus wept.

    • From the USA CBS nozzle:

      The agency said in a tweet, “all means are being used, except for water-bombing aircrafts which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral.”

      Worthless piece-of-shit CBS makes ZERO mention of the recent church attacks in Paris or France and just cannot bring itself to even ONCE mention the word Islam. May they rot in eternal hell.

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