Attn: Florida voters

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  1. Do you remember the ongoing character on “Cheers” of the young French guy who kept saying, “I’m going to steal your girlfriend, Woodie” as he pushed the “just friends” line with Woody’s stupendously beautiful but incredibly dumb girlfriend, “Kelly”? And how Woodie wanted to punch the guy in the head but had to go along because it’s all meant in good fun as he took Kelly out for dinner and bike rides in the park and other “just friends” stuff?

    Well, that Pakistani running for Rep in Florida is smiling into the camera and saying, “I’m going to steal your country, Woody”. And it showed him in a picture with Linda Sarsour so there’s no doubt he’s one of the bad guys. Can you believe it? Why didn’t the Germans think of that in WWII? And how the hell is it legal for one of the bad guys to run for office in the United States? There should be a “bad guy” test…

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