Katie’s understanding is correct. Youtube did remove this as ‘hate-speech’

Here is the whole video as translated by TundraTabloids.com and titled by us:

It is more than a little noteworthy that Jussi and all like minded in Finland enjoyed a massive electoral victory yesterday/

For details please see Tundra Tabloid’s post on it here.



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2 Replies to “Katie’s understanding is correct. Youtube did remove this as ‘hate-speech’”

  1. I fail to see how this qualifies as hate speech. I even fail to see how any of this could be controversial at all. I don’t know Mr Halla-aho’s background, but he sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
    I wish my own government would implement such policies, instead they sign dumb international treaties. They pledged to provide shelter and food to illegals, I’ll never understand why. And they allow 4 or 5 appeals, so illegals can stay for 10 years while they overload the courts with made-up BS. Their children are then `westernized’, and don’t speak the language of their country of origin. So they get citizenship for humanitarian reasons, and then so do the parents.
    Why do we reward such behavior?
    There’s a group of illegals roaming around our capital, squatting building, in some cases asaulting the inhabitants. Their leader, after years of this cr@p, got a house (fully furnished, incl dishwasher etc) as well as citizenship. Meanwhile real citizens have to wait for years for social housing, in some places there’s a 20-year waiting list. The private housing market (rent) is only accessible to the rich, few houses are for sale and banks won’t lend money anyway. Kids straight out of college have to move back in with their parents.
    Why are we rewarding criminal behavior and thuggery, at the expense of productive, taxpaying citizens?

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