Sweden Threatens EU States With Sanctions Over Immigration

Sweden embraced immigration and is undergoing a rapid change in the demographics of its population; now Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has threatened to sanction others who don’t share the same attitude.


Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is ready to impose sanctions on EU countries that oppose the reception of refugees, such as Hungary.


“Yes, I am ready to do this,” Löfven said in an interview with the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, addressing the possibility of sanctions. “Because sooner or later we have to take joint responsibility for receiving migrants. One, two or three countries cannot bear it, we need to help with this.”

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  1. NIMBY Not In My Back Yard NIMBY.

    All of the libs crying about how evil it is for Trump to move the illegals to the Sanctuary Cities thought nothing of Obama moving thousands and thousands of Islamic Invaders into the Midwest without asking anyone if we wanted them.

    Using the Left’s tactics against the strikes me as fair.

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