Rasmus Paludan demo brings out Muslims, ANTIFA, riots, car bombs and more

I have a lot to say about this but for the moment, here is the interview I did with Rasmus just a few hours after the events described

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  1. What is the official reason why so many Muslims just have to flee their own countries and move into mine? Are there constant earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes driving them out of their native lands? I know there was a war in Syria, but surely that doesn’t justify the entire Ummah coming over to move in. I’m curious. What is the official excuse for why they all have to move here? Doesn’t the sun shine the same on Muslims as it does on Infidels? Isn’t the air that we breathe the same as the air that they breathe? Why is it necessary for them to move over here? Why? It’s not as if they are our traditional friends. What exactly do we owe the Muslims…?

    • Climatechange ! Climatechange and rising sea-levels seem to be creeping in as the next big and very, very plausible reason for mainly young males from muslim shitholes to seek higher ground in colder climates . Used to be : women and children first ; guess they never heard of it . Well , the danish branch of culture-enrichment intl. ought to keep an eye on the danish shorelines , the country is sinking at an ever increasing rate , i’m told…

  2. Over 20 Detained in Copenhagen After Unrest at Right-Wing Party’s Rally – Police (sputniknews, Apr 15, 2019)

    “STOCKHOLM (Sputnik) – Over 20 people have been detained as a result of unrest triggered by a rally of Denmark’s right-wing party in a Muslim-populated district of Copenhagen, the police said on Monday.

    “We have detained 23 people in the wake of the unrest that began yesterday and continued through the night. We plan to continue proceedings with regard to six of them today,” the Copenhagen police wrote on Twitter.

    In a Twitter message, Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen has condemned the incident as a “senseless provocation.”

    On Sunday, the leader of the Stram Kurs party, Rasmus Paludan, and his supporters staged a demonstration in Norrebro, one of Copenhagen’s districts, which is home to a significant Muslim community.

    The unrest broke out when local residents attacked protesters. The police had to use tear gas.”

  3. local eyes danmark – 23 er anholdt efter uroligheder med 70 brande i København




    local eyes danmark – Politiet: Uro på Nørrebro er ikke overstået




    local eyes danmark – Politi: Uroen på Nørrebro aftager efter Paludan-demonstration



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