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18 Replies to “Pawn to Queen’s knight 4, check”

  1. I would love to know how much of his success is 3D chess where they are sucked into traps and how much is fast thinking and the ability to spot openings when the left makes major mistakes?

    • He’s a Master. We are privileged to witness the strategies of the most brilliant leader of our lifetime. And he brings humor with it. I just love the man.

    • I would love to know how much of his success is 3D chess where they are sucked into traps and how much is fast thinking and the ability to spot openings when the left makes major mistakes?

      Like that down-home offer of pie or cake, the only answer is, “yes”.

      PoMo Prog’s had best recall a homosexual’s famed warning:

      When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers.

      — Oscar Wilde

    • “Islamism is dead.”
      Wrong and irresponsible.

      Muslims are really swell. They're successful, and they're our friends!

      Wictor’s extrapolating from his pet fantasy construct: secret Gulf commandos win the fight against jihadis in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, etc.

      That’s a _hoax_. Disinfo out of Tel Aviv and Riyadh fed to conservative social media “influencers”. Allay our biggest worry: We are not warmongers. Americans no longer need to die in the sandbox. Trust the plan.

      It’s hard to let go of such appealing gimmicks.
      Wictor is very sharp, plays to a loyal public. We crave 64-D chess and “winning”; he caters to wishful thinking by repetition of a few fixed points of reference.

      But very little is _fixed_ in the real world, and NOTHING is fixed on shifting sands. To prevent the entire model from collapsing, Wictor brings in body-doubles and false flags. Then quickly changes the subject to relate an irrelevant personal anecdote that’s meant to give an authentic gloss to the whole mess.

      Here in this video he instructs us, authoritatively:
      • Wars in the Middle East are OVER!

      • Muslims themselves took responsibility to fight the enemy within, triumphed over jihad!

      • Not just Good Guys, GREAT Guys!

      Shut your eyes real tight. The fighting you see henceforth is all pretend, trust me.

      Muslims – all Muslims? – are fine, superb. People like Ilhan Omar are just STUPID. Easily blown away by a trivial gotcha, they’re a GIFT to the Republican Party.

      Public discourse degenerated to slander is a gift only if you’re a BAMN Demonrat. I’m an American, not a Republican Party operative.

      “Islamism is dead” –
      So we don’t have to worry about jihadis blowing us to bits at the Boston Marathon tomorrow.

      If we let such facile presentations disarm us, “Islamism” will kill us.

    • I will disagree with him on one point, Ihlan is dangerous, in many ways she is as dangerous as AOC. In the short run AOC is the greater danger but in the long run Ihlan will equal her in danger if she doesn’t surpass AOC on the level of danger she poses.

      • Ihlan is dangerous. Possibly Alzheimer-Senile Pelosi appointed her to the Foreign Affairs Committee and she’s CAIR’s unofficial spokesperson. If re-elected, and chances are good because of the important presence of Muslims in her district, she’ll keep her Foreign Affairs posting.

        AOC: IMO – Less dangerous and probably won’t be re-elected. Her constituents won’t forgive her for the Amazon fiasco and many are now realizing how stupid she truly is.

        Republicans must retake the House (Congress) in 2020.

  2. Thanks Sassy.

    More proof that the left erased moderate conservativism to further its own radicalism. This leaves moderates without a house and home. The left built this massive warehouse for “FAR-RIGHTISTS” even though it’s pretty much empty. It’s an ugly place that moderates will never set foot in because it’s just an empty shell without warmth and light, filled with crusty old carboard white guys. –Hackneyed effigies unpacked from the 50’s and 60’s, cut out by commie pundits and profs according to their fuzzy memories. You know, guys in white hoods who say words like nigger, chink, wop and kike. When was the last time you read such words on VTB? Personally, I can’t remember reading them at all because VTB is the kind of home moderates are building. We all know the left’s silly caricatures don’t look like us any more than do little green men from Mars, but there they are, stupid and one-dimensional in all their glorious leftist utility.

    And as quickly as moderates build their little homes the left tears them down. How many conservative on-line pundits have been de-platformed and silenced? Access to information if you’re a curious conservative? Right.

    • In Canada, the group CAHN (Canadian Anti-Hate Network) led by Judenrat Bernie Farber, financed with our taxes, is dangerous.

      They target and slander Center-Right and Right-Wing groups, and are now actively working towards banning them from social platforms. Their first great victory was Faith Goldy. Now, they’re targeting a Quebec group ”Québécois de Souche”.

      The Judenrat is in bed with Islamist groups.

      The more people get de-platformed, and the more people will go to the Far-Right.

      I agree with you: Far-Right aren’t into violence. They’re simply anti-FarLeft, the latter being violent. De-Platforming is a bad practice because Law Enforcement needs to see what’s happening online to detect threats.

      Finally, I was Center-Left almost all my life. I headed to Center, then Center-Right, and now – slowly toward Far-Right. I admit it.

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