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11 Replies to “Antisemitism on campus in the US has reached a new level of intensity and overtness”

  1. This mental illness has infected people in all nations and is growing worse, these are the people who will start the next genocide.

    • Humongous claims for damages, with lots and lots of evidence – victim statements, pix of defaced dorm-room doors, at least one suicide…

    • Militant degeneracy is another harbinger. The commies knew history, they knew how to destroy us from within.
      Jew-hate is no longer an early warning: It’s a blaring red siren for all.

      • Yes it is and so are the attacks on Christianity and traditional morality.

        If things don’t go kinetic this summer (at least in the big cities) I will be surprised. If they do or don’t go kinetic this year they will during the 2020 campaign. look back at the 2016 campaign and look for the violence to be much worse. Once PT is re-elected we can expect the Dems to go bananas and once again refuse to accept the results of the election. This time with the violence they threatened in 2016.

    • Tell your firend that we are past 1933 and are approaching the time when the disappearances started. I don’t think the left has enough control on any of the Western Nations to start the death camps, although that is coming.

  2. Since Universities, by the looks of it, are run by the FAR LEFT, what could and can we otherwise expect from them?
    Also, what does the Left (Marxists,Communists, Socialists and Nazis) and Islam have in common?
    The answer is actually quite simple when you look closely;

    Both are collectivist ideologies that differentiate between people who belong to the group and people who do not belong to the group.

    Both are supremacist ideologies claiming that members of the group are superior to people who are not members of the group.

    Both are totalitarian ideologies that do not allow people to act against the dictated.

    Both Groups claim to be Peaceful.

    Both Groups HATE Western Civilization and it’s People and want them DESTROYED by any means necessary.

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