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10 Replies to “Black Lives Matters manages to get gay pride parade cancelled”

  1. Think back to Ferguson Missouri and that crowd of black thugs screaming, “Burn the bitch down!” because a police officer dared to defend himself against the 300-pound Michael Brown. Well those criminals are what is now called, “Black Lives Matter” and they are still criminals and their only beef is over the fact that the police arrest them while they are committing their crimes and they don’t like that very much so they want the cops banned from everything. Black Lives Matter all belong in jail. Wake up, folks! Do not legitimize these creeps by pretending they are a real thing when they are nothing but opportunistic lying criminals flush with George Soros money and bullshit…

    • The only thing you are leaving out is how Obama ordered the Missouri Governor (we had a Dem in that office then) to back off and leave Ferguson alone. This let BLM get so much power they now control Ferguson and portions of St. Louis, rather like the gangs control portions of LA.

  2. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ariana-grande-brain-scan-ptsd

    Please forgive my off-topicness but I just have to take a moment to express my unvarnished hatred for Ariana Grande. And why do I hate Ariana? Because after personally witnessing the brutal murder of twenty-odd of her young fans I have yet to hear young Ariana utter one word of even the slightest disapproval of the religion that murdered her followers – which is Islam. I’ve heard Ariana blame “hate” but I’ve never detected even the slightest level of pique against the guys who actually killed her fans. Sure, she’ll tell you how much she hates Donald Trump and how much she loves love, but she won’t say one word against the fanatical murderers who killed her fans because she doesn’t want anybody to call her a “racist” or a “hater” or, God forbid, “right wing. And she doesn’t want anyone to unlike her on Facebook. Fuck you, Ariana. You are gutless, immoral, and complicit in the murders by your flaccid reaction to the murderers. Fuck you, Ariana. Why aren’t you mad? Why aren’t you putting up a million-dollar bounty on the heads of the soulless bastards who did it and why aren’t you screaming for their blood and for vengeance? Fuck you, Ariana. Fuck you!

    • Not only that but as a vociferous advocate of “multiculturalism”,which by definition would include accepting the arbitrary and capricious nature of Islamic law,she should not have been allowed to return to the country in which she caused the deaths of those children. In my view,everyone like her should be arrested along with anyone that works in a place and ticks the box that says they promise to support multiculturalism. They are essentially putting their signature to the advocacy and operation of parallel legal systems.

    • I keep saying that the civil war will be multi-sided, Left v Right, White v Black, Black v Hispanic. Think about the other varied groups that will be attacking each other. Some are smart enough to be dangerous and others are vicious enough to be dangerous.

  3. Not that I care about the sodomites et al that much, and the way they choose to “celebrate” by displaying such overt obscenity in their dress and floats, which should considered the crime it is (as is currently on the books), the BLM thugs are thugs and the police/RCMP backing down is a terrible precedent. The job of the cops is to make sure events CAN take place and they are abdicating their positions and oaths by not dealing with BLM as they cross the lines in to terror/threat/malice.

    I’ve heard the gay lobby wants the next James Bond to be bi or gay. Next in line for demands? After the list takes their shots at this franchise, the franchise owners might just want to shoot a short to shoot 007 right thru the head.

  4. Twenty odd years ago a old Muslim in Djibouti told me once that they are now forbidden to own Black Slaves, but as I was surely “supposed” to know, Blacks are made by Allah to be Slaves, for they are the accursed sons of Ham.
    And those useful Idiots of BLM play nicely along,
    Slaves of Islam will always be Slaves of Islam.
    A bunch of UTTER MORONS

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