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6 Replies to “Candace Owens”

  1. We’re pretty much fed up, aren’t we?
    I’m thinking of Faith Goldy and others, all condemned for being White Nationalists of which the latter word has been transformed into ”Supremacists”.
    Truth be known, they’re defeating their own purpose. The more they accuse innocent people, the more innocent people become hardened.

    • We’re pretty much fed up, aren’t we?

      Is it just me or have Conservative commentators like David Wood, Chris Chappell, and Pat Condell all lately taken on a sharpen and less forgiving tone?

      Aside from my own braying self, more than one recent clip (e.g., the corrupt enrichment of Biden’s clueless son) has expressed outrage at, not the criminal acts themselves, but the sheer brazenness with which they conducted.

      The patronizing condescension necessary to believe that ordinary people will placidly countenance this sort of outright insult is an insufferable provocation and deserves to be treated as such in a court of law.

      • It is not just you, the more the left attacks people the more they push back, the leftist tactic of working to destroy/unperson all political enemies will turn around and bite them in the reat when the create something close to what they are suppose to be fight. Create a new enemy that isn’t worried about what they are called and who are willing to fight in any theater the left chooses. Including a few the left thinks they are the only ones who will fight there.

  2. Candace Owens is a brilliant, young, compassionate, loving, spiritual, knowledgeable breath of fresh air for the American people, all Americans!
    The leftist Democratic Party hates her because Candace has brought lies and deceit out into the light!

    They, the Democrats, can no longer hide their destructive agenda behind closed doors!

    We are know their lies and deceit!

    Any person who hates the life of an unborn baby is a Democrat!

    They belong to the Culture of Death!

    They have no other platform!
    God bless America!
    God bless President Trump!
    God bless Candace Owens!
    God bless all Americans!
    God help the poor, misguided, bigoted, hateful, brain dead Democratic Party!

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