Israeli PM Netanyahu declares ‘tremendous victory’

The explanation at Spencer Fernando its very good. 

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      • There’s no point trying to educate the brainwashed. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing opera: you won’t succeed, and you’ll only annoy the pig.

        Holocaust education has given us a generation that’s learned to say the word “genocide” without knowing (or caring) what it means.

        They exist in an ahistorical vacuum, boundaries are their own genitals. Atrocities are incorporated into a life practiced as method acting. Some masturbate visualizing them.

        It’s too late to do any good. And so it’s over.
        But like pandemic influenza, it’s recurrent. Around the next corner…

      • We count on you. Straight shooter, with style.

        OT/ Earlier conversation about historical reference to Jesus: “Sejanus and the Chronology of Christ’s Death”

        I’m moving on from Late Roman Republic to Early Empire. The kick-off to Pax Romana is depressing: Philo, Josephus, Crucifixion. Livy’s eyewitness account of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius (coincidentally, same year as the destruction of the Second Temple).

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