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11 Replies to “American left ready to sell out to China for hatred of Trump”

  1. I see no way this can end peacefully, we are headed into a major civil war, one that will last a long time. One that will (probably) require like minded people in Canada helping us with information and covert action with us helping them the same way.

    The left is forcing us into tribes, and we are going to end up being loyal to the tribes before we are loyal to the nations. You have no idea how much it pains me to say that, I never thought that parts of the US and the US Government would turn so evil that I would rather give my loyalty to foreign citizens who think the same as I do before I give it to the US. I enlisted in the US Army and was proud to do so, I served with people who opposed the War in Nam but were still loyal to the US so they entered the US military when served with a draft notice. People like me and people like them looked down on the people who ran away rather then serve. (I still do I don’t know about the others) Now the left is turning me into a person who has to at least think about the possibility that I may have to do what the people I loathed then and still loath did.

    • We’re the Great American Tribe: “We the People” !
      We’re a whole lot more than the swamp apparatus – that’s ephemeral. We’ve sealed our bond in blood for our tribal way of life, our natural rights. What we inherited from our ancestors, we’re bound to defend and pass on to our descendants.

      • So I ask an honest question of you both, Richard and Yucki. In your opinion is a country a truly legitimate country unless it’s born in war? From examples I’ve seen, countries not forged in fire are weakest.

        • I hadn’t thought about that, the fires of the founding war will bond the people better then any other experience. Nations that aren’t forged in the fires of war don’t have that experience to form the national bond that is necessary if the nations are to survive.

          All nations have to have some bond to hold them together, that is why the left is trying to prevent people from knowing the facts of history that form those bonds. This is also the reason the left is trying to flood the Western Nations with people who 1) haven’t shared those experiences and 2) don’t really want anythi8ng more then a free handout.The coming civil wars will once again forge the bonds that tie the nation(s) together.

        • I don’t know about legitimate, but wars certainly help forge tribal identity. History etched in blood for shared cause is as good as DNA for bonding a tribe.

          Since my father’s military funeral as a highly decorated veteran, every flag reminds me of him. His grandchildren were profoundly moved. A ceremony that was literally blood and soil is a powerful patriotism booster.

          • The reason I ask is because of the profound disappointment I have in my own country for the path it has chosen. And while I realize that every western country is infected by the same disease, this fact doesn’t diminish the bitterness felt in losing what was once a wonderful nation to a unicorn coalition of parasites..

            While the fickle finger of Fate chose what is now Dystopia to be my father’s landed home, he never took his eye off the ball, so to speak. He raised his kids to know there was no greater nation than America. If it takes tribes from disparate locations to keep freedom’s spirit alive then so be it, I say, necessity being what it is…

        • I understand, Johnny.

          I doubt I’d “bond” with today’s America if I were second- generation. We were here before New Amsterdam became New York. My roots are literally underground, my family is waiting for me here. But that chapter _closes_ with me.

          You were born 20th century American and proud of it. That’s the way you were raised, patriotism a moral virtue. At the same time, you’re a carrier of your father’s Hungarian heritage; it’s simply bred in the bone.

          Turns out to be an exceptional blessing these days. Your children have options that shouldn’t be
          tainted by guilt. Nostalgia isn’t patriotism. Would your father want his decision to condemn his grandchildren?

          Because that’s what we’re really talking about. They’re the ones who’ll have to stand their ground, with all that implies. Whatever they decide will be an affirmation of LIFE, not submission.

      • We are the great American Tribe, but I see the sub-tribes fighting each other. and one of the sub tribes is inviting non tribal members to join in the fight. This is going to make the fight much more vicious then the first civil war. It was bad enough, this one is going to be worse.

    • We the Constitution.
      We the Principle.
      The Haters of Love,
      The Liars of Truth
      Trusting your fellow Man
      Or their Holy God.
      Requires like minded people
      In Canada.

  2. The situation with the Feinstein office is so egregious it makes me fear for our country. Feinstein has so much juice that her staffer was able to spy for probably 20 years and walk away clean. Last I heard he still lives in the US!
    Imran Awan is another one. Stealing Congressional data, emails, etc. he was very much downplayed in the press and got off with some stupid shit like mortgage fraud, didn’t spend a day in jail as far as I know. Wasserman Shultz as well as all the Dems he worked for did a fantastic job of covering him up.
    This is scary stuff. No one with a duel nationality or a foreign nationality should be allowed to work for congress. FULL STOP

    • It is very scary stuff, and one of the reasons we have to arrest, try and imprison the criminals if we are to survive as a free nation.

      The left managing to implant people into the government who think that since their chosen person didn’t win the election they are justified in selling our secrets to our enemies is what scares me the most. They have destroyed the peaceful exchange of power that lasted almost 250 years, the only nations that I know of that has a longer run doing this is Switzerland.

      Hang on as long as you can, in the long run freedom will win but it is going to be a scary and probably very bloody run.

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