RCMP watching Canadians on ‘social media’

For those of you that think the RCMP are honest actors and act in accordance with rule of law and the enforcement of the legal rights of the public, please watch the videos at the bottom of this post.

‘Project Wide Awake’: How the RCMP Watches You on Social Media

How police are using new software to expand surveillance of citizens’ activities.

The RCMP has been quietly running an operation monitoring individuals’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media activity for at least two years, The Tyee has learned.


The existence of Project Wide Awake has never been reported.


And The Tyee investigation revealed that the RCMP has moved from a “reactive” approach — analyzing specific social media accounts as part of a criminal investigation — to a “proactive approach,” which the RCMP said aims to “help detect and prevent a crime before it occurs.”

That involves ongoing wide-scale monitoring of individuals’ social media use and could pose a threat to Canadians’ privacy and charter rights, say experts.

Yes the RCMP are now doing pre-crime. Maybe that was their excuse for looting the homes of people in High River for legally owned guns using a list the RCMP was expressly forbidden from having by an act of Parliament under Stephen Harper.




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  1. The Mounties have destroyed their reputation just as the FBI has destroyed their reputation. It will take many decades of hard work before either group can repair the damage that has been done.

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