In fact, a massive shadow-ban, tantamount to real banning, (as happened to me)

Avi Yemeni makes the important point that what is needed, is examples of where Tommy Robinson violated T&S and show a consistent set of rules that are equally enforced. But as Youtube and Google are ideologically driven and authoritarian in an informational sense, organizations, we will not see those. They reserve the right to selectively enforce their rules and they reserve the right to not tell us they do that.

Very Soviet of them.

I notice that they shadow banned Robinson’s site in such a way that if he makes videos to explain whatever it is he wishes to discuss it cannot be found by others in any way. Ok this  interesting to me, as our channel was (nearly all) translated and subtitled news clips, occasional political comedy that was aired on TV, and some interviews with highly reputable people and our channel was removed entirely.

Why this interests me, is that had they shadow banned us, it would make little difference to us. We uploaded to Youtube in order to embed the videos to this site, Gates of Vienna, and whatever other sites found the material important. So taking it down stopped that.

Tommy’s was left up but rendered equally useless as his wasn’t for embedding but reaching out directly to the public.

This is another data point that Google isn’t interested in its own stated rules, but making sure points of view that doesn’t sit well with their board, their corporate partners or government and NGO associates like the now fully disgraced, SPLC cannot be effective.

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