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2 Replies to “Stephen Coughlin on truth as hate speech (2:35 of excellence)”

  1. It is remarkable and absurd when so much effort and so many words must be expended to explain such obvious truth. Now, licence to speak plain truth must be seized by clear thinkers as an act of defiance not to the Muslim or communist enemy, but firstly to fellow soft-headed countrymen.

    “…Watch out behind you, friend–the enemy with a knife approaches!”

    “How dare you call an enemy the savage who does not exist and whom I refuse to turn and see!”

    • We both see the same violent future for all Western Nations, a future the left refuses to see because it will be the death knell of the left. This future will require all people to be armed for self defense and local militias to defend their Home Territory. The left can’t seize and hold power in nations where the vast majority of the people are armed and ready to defend themselves and their nation.

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