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3 Replies to “Far Left Activists Are REWRITING History, Expunging Patrick Moore”

  1. The Ghost of Stalin is alive and well in the American Left.

    Actions like this show why you want to use print resources if you are doing important research, digital is too easy to change.

    • How do you explain this to a generation that grew up with digital pacifiers in one form or another and soon will have forgotten entirely about the purpose of a piece of paper and a pencil ? A generation that prefers digital convenience over prints and slides , a generation that places knowledge in an obscure digital cloud rather than storing it between the ears , a generation thats sorely lacking the ability of critical thinking and looking inward , a generation thats so effing out of reach for common sense and so easily influenced by digital puppetmasters , and yes , a generation that can kiss its own sorry arse goodnight when the power goes off for a few days or weeks …

  2. It seems as though the entire Left is fueled on irony alone.

    Few people on earth are more deserving than Patrick Moore of having the Left cannibalize their legacy. Unless someone asks, I’ll not cover all of his treachery in keeping America dependent on terrorist MME oil while almost single-handedly killing America’s young nuclear power generation industry. This @sshat has oceans of blood on his hands.

    Lamenting this slime bag having fallen prey to his own lying ilk is a waste of tears and it really annoys the pig.

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