Turk who shot up Utrecht Netherlands had Islamic Motive

Dunno who BNL News is but this seems more likely and credible than anything in the Government-Media complex

H/T @AmyMek

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5 Replies to “Turk who shot up Utrecht Netherlands had Islamic Motive”

    • Yeah I have been back and forth with some serious contacts about this.

      There is a very real probability that the attack in NZ was a joint Islamic State/Turkish adventure that went off script a little.

      But I cannot back that up except with a vague Arabic language Webpost.

      And to say that people I trust told me this is a working theory in surprising spheres.

      • This is the first I have heard the “theory”, the only problem I have with it is that I want it to be true, I really want it to be true.

  1. When will those in the West—at least those intent upon surviving—finally admit that anything to do with Islam is a form of terrorism?

    It matters not if the whole Utrecht incident was entirely a family affair. It’s still an attempt to legitimize so-called “honor killing” and that, in and of itself, is a strategy to normalize sharia in the West.

    There is no part or parcel of Islam that’s untainted by jihadist terrorism.

    Until Western militaries and governments accept this one fundamental fact, every effort to contain or defeat Islam will be totally £ü¢kïñg useless.

    All that will happen up and until that time is more people (Muslims included) dying without purpose. Better to decapitate Islam’s power structure now—to the tune of several thousand lives—than to sit back and wait for a WMD terrorist attack against the West that will cost a BILLION Muslim lives.

    One would think that Muslims, themselves, would be among the first to understand this and begin liquidating their terrorist masters. Instead, this crucial realization most likely will come as a flash of insight—just one that’s not nearly so bright as the immediately succeeding burst of high intensity gamma rays.

    After that, Islam will be a shadow, burned onto the wall of history’s timeline.

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