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    • Soft or economic terrorism, how much money did these two terror attacks cost Canada?

      Le bingo! This is just one more form of undermining the West’s house with Silent Jihad™.

      Retarded Muslim babies with astronomical rates of birth defects?

      Interminable lawfare designed to bleed out counterjihad resources?

      Muslim harems and kennels sucking down endless Social Benefits?

      Asymmetrical war siphoning off billions better spent pronging Islam?

      Canada has its own legal provisions for Class Action Lawsuits. Kamal Badri deserves to have every last person inconvenienced by his malicious acts sue the living £ü¢k out of him so that his remaining days are spent in deepest poverty.

      Any refusal to pay or be garnished accordingly merits conviction for contempt of court and instant jail time until restitution proceeds apace. If Badri’s actions can be connected to whatever mosque he regularly attended, that institution deserves being named as co-respondent and having its wealth drained faster than a pilonidal cyst.

      Citizen activists are entitled to declare open season on all funding channels and donation paths that flood wealth into these Islamic indoctrination centers. Let the Toronto imams beg for zakat on street corners with tin £ü¢kïñg cups.

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