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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson on the Ivy League school scandal”

  1. This scandal shows the effect of removing the word honor from the language, the kids and their parents acted in ways that would have gotten them shunned a few decades ago.

    Ignoring the very bad movie about the sinking of the Titanic. When the men in the First Class section learned that there weren’t enough life boats for everyone gave up their seats for women. They said that no one would be able to say that a woman died because they were afraid to die. This is called honor, the schools, books and movies no longer teach honor and we get a society that tolerates actions like the bribing of the schools to get a good grade and degree for your kids. I know the actors who were involved have lost their jobs but it won’t be long before Hollywood and the Propaganda Media starts rehabilitating them and they get their jobs back.

  2. Another hyped story grabs headlines for a news cycle.
    High-profile liberals corrupting the sacred Ivy League?

    University credentials don’t mean much anymore anyway, except maybe in Hollywood or Washington, where reality isn’t real. Even there, celebrity cheating is like hoarding tulip bulbs in 17th century Holland. It’s too late to cash in on the cachet of the old ivy sheepskin.

    It was never a ‘cream of the crop’ system. There’s always been a legacy admissions preference. Alumni fund the endowment, they are avidly courted for donations and bequests. That’s the first and most important job of every university president.

    Some of us know the Ivy League’s nooks-&-crannies perfectly well. We neither revere nor revile the name brand. I’m disgusted by reflexive awe for such credentials; I’m offended by all-inclusive trashing of the institutions.

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