Peculiar explosion in Sweden

Apparently, a city bus with a huge and full fuel tank on its roof, drove into a low tunnel.


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4 Replies to “Peculiar explosion in Sweden”

  1. Why would anyone put a fuel tank on the roof of a bus?

    If the tank was only partially full and there was a good mix of fumes and oxy you could get a big explosion. But….

    Something doesn’t smell right.

    • Something doesn’t smell right.

      Was the motor coach powered with bio-methane? Lately, I’ve heard an awful lot about how cow farts are going to destroy us all.

      Maybe Class 4 transport is just the beginning. This could be an opening salvo in some sinister quadruped plot to disrupt large vehicle operations. Why, it might cripple the entire Farm to Table supply chain. Interrupt Quarter Pounder® deliveries and the living would envy the (atherosclerotic) dead!

      Just yesterday a shepherd I know accidentally overheard his flock bleating about how, “This time the ewes won’t go quietly into the night!”

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