Pakistan parades captured Indian pilot (UPDATES on India Pakistan conflict)

Daily Mail has good updates on the escalation of India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir.

Pakistan suspends commercial flights, domestic and international over conflict region.

Thanks to all who are keeping us abreast of the events in the comments.


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  1. India builds bunkers to protect families along Pakistan border

    CHACHWAL VILLAGE, India (Reuters) – India is building more than 14,000 bunkers suitable for families living along its border with Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir state, hoping to keep them safe near their homes instead of evacuating them as artillery shells scream over.

    On Tuesday evening, Pakistan used heavy caliber weapons to shell 12 to 15 places along the Indian side of the de facto border known as the Line of Control (LoC) that divides the disputed Kashmir region, a spokesman for the Indian defense forces said. The Indian army retaliated with its own shelling of the Pakistani side, he said.

  2. This is a golden opportunity for planet Earth to see Pakistan operate under the influence of some disinfecting public sunshine. If (insert name of latest jihadophillic régime) >here< can stop butt-snorkeling ISI long enough to tear gas some crowds, dans le style Français, then maybe they can finally show the civilized world a willingness to transcend their usual Neanderthal Islamic lifestyle (with sincerest apologies to Neanderthals everywhere).

    Fortunately, what’s involved is very basic and its fulfillment can be verified by third party observers with relative ease. Any inability to perform this routine task will be a bellwether for a future international relations*.

    So, just for the sake of fair play and giving these beturbaned ruffians the best chances imaginable, we’ll keep everything at its simplest level. Emkay?

    I ‘ l l . . . e v e n . . . t y p e . . . v e r y . . . s l o w l y . . . f o r . . . a l l . . . o f . . . t h e . . . t h r o w b a c k s f o l k s . . . r e a d i n g . . . t h i s . . . in . . . I s l a m a b a d .

    P r o d u c e . . . t h e . . . p i l o t . . . u n t o r t u r e d . . . a n d . . . a l i v e . . . o n e . . . w e e k . . . f r o m . . . n o w .

    * Let’s face it, Pakistan’s failure to achieve even this minimum level of civility will actually serve as valuable bona fides with some of their most important sponsors.

  3. Since 1947 there have been 4 wars between India and Pakistan,

    The main reason for these wars is Pakistan’s desire to control the Kashmir region.

    Only one of these wars (May–June 1999) were fought after both sides built nuclear weapons.

    One 1975 was fought afteer India built nuclear weapons.

    So far India has won all of the wars.

    The above list says that this will stay a fairly small affair between India and Pakistan with no nuclear exchange. The question is how long will it take before one of these terror attacks and massive retaliation doesn’t stay small? The Pakistan, India, China triangle is (at the moment) the most likely place for a nuclear exchange. Any nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would reslut in the destruction of all large cities in Pakistan while India would suffer a lot of damage but would survive.

    Add China into the mix (India developed nuclear weapons after China and after the 1962 war with , they did this as a deterrent to prevent China from using nukes to seize more of India. This means that unless China starts throwing nukes at India, India can’t use more then 1/2 of their nukes on Pakistan. This number would be some where between 55 and 75 Pakistan can’t that many nuclear hits and survive, and since the longest range nuclear capable missile India has will reach 3100 miles (5000 klics) neither can China. Remember aprox 90% of China’s population is in 6 big cities, with aprox 50% living down stream of the 3 Gorges Dam.

    The above facts probably mean the war will remain small and between India and Pakistan. There is always a possibility that it will spread. And there is a possibility that if/when Pakistan starts throwing nukes someone in India will panic and launch all of their nukes on the idea of use them or lose them. The latter is a low order probability but it still exists and that can change depending on what is happening between the three nations.

    China wants land, riches and women for the roughly 33 million men who have no chance of finding a woman. These 33 million men are one of the reasons so many Chinese scientists and robotic companies are working so hard to make life like robotic sex dolls.

    • The 33 million single men with no women are one of the reasons so many Chinese women want to get out of China and to a nation where the ratio of men to women is much closer to the 1.2 women per man ratio that nature provides.

    • Any nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would reslut in the destruction of all large cities in Pakistan while India would suffer a lot of damage but would survive.

      Which is exactly what I was saying just yesterday about (except for any “reslut” naughtiness), “how India could absorb Pakistan’s entire nuclear arsenal and open for business bright and early the very next morning.

      Pakistan, upon receiving even half of India’s canned sunshine would, essentially, become uninhabitable for the remainder of human history”.

      It is only a marginal respect for India’s ancient culture (and yummy tummy curry) that enables me to restrain myself from telling this bigoted pair of humanity’s running sores, “Let’s you and him fight!”

      • Remember aprox 90% of China’s population is in 6 big cities, with aprox 50% living down stream of the 3 Gorges Dam.

        PS: How in the hell did such a fact manage to escape much wider publication? This single sentence explains why the Chicoms have gotten (comparatively) quite about Formosa lately instead of going all Medieval Mongol on them.

        It explains equally why Red China is, instead, going for all the marbles maritime choke points that could potentially blockade a lot of threats from Asia’s mini-dragons (i.e., Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea – sadly, the post Subic-Clark Philippines are no longer much more than a fueling depot).

        Small wonder that Beijing continues to probe, test, or provoke America, its regional allies, and other ASEAN navies as well. I think Xi is getting a little desperate now that he realizes how, in general, relatively easy-to-prosecute land invasions aren’t in the yarrow stalks.

        Communist Mandarins are beginning to comprehend (courtesy of some sincerely unhelpful economic nudging by Trump) that full implementation of OBOR will probably happen about fifteen seconds before or after the Mainland’s economy tanks like a T-72 catching an engine compartment TOW.

        Too many natural barriers and, more recently, “strange-bedfellows” alliances (e.g., India–Vietnam) exist or have inconveniently sprouted up against CCP belligerence to where Communist Chinese adventurism has required significant retooling.

        Any vision of anti-counterrevolutionary PLA divisions valiantly slaving away, Hannibal-like, to summit snowbound Himalayan mountain passes has been replaced with chain gangs of sub-Saharan Africans slaving away at the bottom-most seams of their velvet-cage debt traps.

        The problem with that hot mess lies in how those billion-dollar pawn tickets will never be redeemed soon enough to keep away the pack of economic wolves that threaten to devour, “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

        Can anyone tell me if wolves normally like soy sauce and fried rice? Mine sure as hell did.

    • The main reason for these wars is Pakistan’s desire to control the Kashmir region.

      Pakistani irredentism would just be whetted by slicing off Kashmir. They’d intensify their operations against India from within and from Bangladesh.

      Pakis are the brains behind the terrorist entities in Burma/Myanmar. The military govt there responded to the violence by crushing the epicenter of jihad, the Bengali Muslim community in strategic and oil-rich Rakhine province. Which naturally provoked a wave of refugees, an instant [telegenic] “humanitarian catastrophe”, as hordes immediately spilled into Bangladesh and over the border into India.

      The so-called “Rohingyas” – a confection as spurious and noxious as the Soviet invention of the “Palestinian people” – are now defined as a victim identity group by what I call Muslim Brotherhood, Inc.™.

      That’s the OIC [Org of Islamic Countries], their puppets in the UN, plus Western media collaborators. (The MSM mates ideological leftism with the global corporate interests that own and control them.)

      Muslim Brotherhood, Inc.™ resembles _in fact_ the Elders of Zion conspiracy theory. They throw shade over their alarming domination of global mechanisms of power by heavily promoting that hoary libel. Inversion is the staple cry-bully maneuver.

      China has every reason to contain Paki aspirations. The Politburo is acutely sensitive to the threat of galloping Islam. Without China’s diplomatic support, the “international community” would obliterate Myanmar, the only Buddhist country.

      President Xi may go for popcorn, sit back and enjoy.
      Watch this skirmish between neighbors perched on his country’s own restive borders. Check out the weapons, revise his shopping wishlist.

      • First NR I know you said the same thing yesterday but it needs to be repeated and repeated often.

        How has the fact that abt 90% or better of the Chinese population is in 6 cities and about 50% below the Three Gorges Dam escaped massive publication? Probably because the Propaganda Media supports all Marxist nations or semi Marxist nations instead of the United States.

        Yucki and NR your points about Pakistan are all valid and in my opinion why China may be playing lets You and Him fight by quietly pushing Pakistan to take on India. Possibly even hinting or saying, don’t worry I have your back. As I said China wants land, treasure and women for its single men, India is a place to get all three and if they can get more from Pakistan and Afghanistan while removing to sources of Islamic infection from their borders so much the better.

        I am not saying this is happening but it is something to keep in mind as the Paki-India problems starts boiling. What better way to contain Pakistan’s ambitions then to get them into a big war with India where they may get desperate enough to start throwing nukes? Pakistan destroyed, India weakened, the rest of the world watching those two instead of what China is doing in the South China Sea. If you are Chinese what is not to like?

        • Fear not, Richard. No harm, no foul. As usual, we are in violent agreement.

          Red China’s threat cannot be overstated or repeated too often. Besides, just keeping this board up to date with China Uncensored gets you a lot of latitude in my book.

          Pakistan destroyed, India weakened, the rest of the world watching those two instead of what China is doing in the South China Sea. If you are Chinese what is not to like?

          Yet another shared property of Islam and the CCP. It really doesn’t matter who is or isn’t doing whatever, whenever. Regardless of what finally occurs, every last thing that either party does is, win-or-lose*, designed to further their ideological goals. It’s always been that way.

          * Both Muslims and Mandarins would unhesitatingly consign their respective followers to instant thermonuclear vaporization if it assured permanent global hegemony

      • They’d intensify their operations against India from within and from Bangladesh.

        Dear yucki,

        Have I told you lately how much I love … your content? It’s the sort of in-depth analysis that doesn’t just grow on trees (unless they’re logic trees).

        And yes. Giving Pakistan anything more than a swift boot upside the butt—and confiscating its nukes—isn’t just counterproductive or appeasing, conceding turf to them (or anything else for that matter) only ratchets up terrorist belligerence.

        I’m sure the IDF could fill several libraries (of Alexandria) with encyclopedic tracts about well-intentioned, sincere “land-for-peace” (yes, those are sneer quotes – just like the next sets) “accords” for de-escalations that have always amounted nothing but unilateral concessions to psychopathic, genocidal “Palestinians”.

        The so-called “Rohingyas” – a confection as spurious and noxious as the Soviet invention of the “Palestinian people”…

        Thankyouthankyouthankyou. Just the Soviet role in facilitating MME terrorism was sufficient grounds for trying every last Kremlinik on war crime charges. So few people on this planet make the connection that neo-Communists are ten times more difficult to discredit.

        As for East Pakistan, if it weren’t for creeping Muslim Fatigue* they’d already be parachuting those Burmese Ingabingas from Unga Bunga† into every last Western country.

        * Like Donor Fatigue and for all the same reasons

        One of the finest WB clips Bugs ever produced – also, raw footage of Colin Kaepernick’s original screen debut

  4. India used Israeli arms for strike inside Pakistan — report

    Rafael-made SPICE smart bombs said used in attack on militant camp, as tensions spiral between nuclear rivals

    Israeli-made smart bombs were reportedly used by India in an airstrike on Pakistani jihadists across the volatile Kashmir border early Tuesday, in an attack that raised tensions between the two nuclear arch-rivals.

    Indian Air Force planes bombed a militant camp inside Pakistani territory early Tuesday in retaliation for a suicide bombing in India-controlled Kashmir on February 14 that killed 40 Indian soldiers.

    An Indian foreign ministry official claimed the strike in the town of Balakot killed “a very large number” of fighters of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) militants India alleged were preparing more suicide attacks on India.…

    The SPICE — standing for Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective — was developed by the government-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

    The approximately 1,000 kilogram (2,200 pound) air-to-ground missiles were launched by Indian Mirage fighter jets.

    The powerful missile can be fired up to 100 kilometers away from the target. It uses GPS coordinates to locate a target and on-board cameras to ensure that the munition is striking the correct location.…

    • Nothing like getting another nation to field test you weapons, I hope Iran is paying attention to the damage that is being done.

      • Russia tends to avoid such field testing in case their merchandise doesn’t prove up to snuff. Weapons sales are a key source of export revenue. That’s why they’ve not used their S-300 missile defense system in Syria against Israel.

        Both Pakistan and India have poorly equipped, elderly air capabilities. Oh yeah, India’s flashy sprinkle from Israel, but there’s far more rusty junk held together with Russian paperclips.

        • Both Pakistan and India have poorly equipped, elderly air capabilities.”

          Do you mean to say that they’re still using swamp coolers for HVAC? Or is this about them abandoning fruit bat echolocation detectors so they can make a quantum leap to the very latest in barrage balloons?

  5. Reading the Twitter thread, this footage may be fake.
    Apparently pilots not allowed to grow beards/mustaches, because of the masks i assume.
    He’s wearing some kind of jump suit, not an Indian air force uniform. I guess the pakistani may have given him fresh clothes because his uniform was ripped / burned / soiled though.

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