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4 Replies to “Boy, Facebook people have a WAY WAY different standard for their own privacy than they do for ours”

  1. “How do you know where I live” Are you stalking me” “I’m a little worried about my safety”

    When two people meet up at 2am in the morning and one has been to a birthday party and the other to a brothel, they each assume what the other is doing.

  2. I believe they have all been trained to avoid these situations. The organisation is hyper sensitive a bit like the Scientology sect.

    • I believe they have all been trained to avoid these situations.

      I believe they have all been programmed to avoid these situations.

      There, fixed that.

      NOTE: — With almost subliminal inaudibility, Pavlov’s bell still resonates in the corridors of Facekook’s inhouse neuro-reconfig center. Only executive new-hires ever require more than the usual brief exposure to high-intensity UV, jumper swap, parity bit inversion, and jump reboot to confirm update completion.

      Rather fortuitously, most applicants already test high enough for blood concentrations of Kool-Aid™ to where the whole procedure is shorter than break time. Only the tiny incisions take a while to heal.

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