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  1. You see, Dear Leader’s valet, Pierre, lays out his colourful socks each and every day. Sometimes, for instance, Monday is blue and Wednesday is purple. Believing himself to be a rugged individualist, there are days when Dear Leader rebels against his valet, “…I demand stripes!” he will shout. Pierre, who is a spry and patient 114 years old, is usually able to reason with his master. “But Monsieur,” Pierre will say, “Zee people love zee red socks on zee Wednesday…”.

    Pierre reminds Dear Leader of his own daddy, whose name was also Pierre. Usually Dear leader pouts for an hour, refusing to eat his Fruit Loops before dutifully putting on the socks laid out for him. Wiley old Pierre is like Batman’s Alfred–always a step ahead of the caped crusader. He plays his master like a hillbilly’s fiddle. Pierre’s job includes laying out the answers to any question his master will face during the day ahead. He arranges them neatly at the foot of Dear Leader’s bed right beside the socks of the day.

    There are days, however, when Pierre cannot be by Dear Leader’s side. This makes Pierre nervous, like watching a tightrope walker twitching precariously without his balancing pole. Such days will be filled by the sorts of errands required of great historical leaders’ handlers throughout the ages. Napoleon’s valet, Gaston de la Pamplemousse, smuggled critical messages across war fronts. Genghis Khan’s trusted assistant, Millie, supervised the torture of captured enemy soldiers. Pierre de la Dystopia scripts lines to manage his master’s involvement in SNC Lavalin’s deployment of Canadian hookers for the pleasure of greasy foreign scumbags.

    Sometimes the answers Dear Leader chooses from the selection laid out for him are like choosing striped socks on a Wednesday–just plain wrong.

    • He plays his master like a hillbilly’s fiddle.

      Jethro’s, I presume?

      Where, oh where to start with this little gem? Why, it’s like trying to pick your favorite facet of a brilliant cut stone.

      To begin at the beginning … dynamite boomer TV reference! It’s perfectly in keeping with Wodehouse’s immortal Jeeves and Wooster (where the servants always are smarter than their thin-blooded masters). If ever there was a modern day “talkies” equivalent of Laurel and Hardy’s dynamic duo (how’s that for a conceptually blended metaphor?!), Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry are a dead cert for the short list.

      As an aside, Stephen Fry strikes me anywhere he flaming pleases! as a thespian version of Yiannopoulis. Although Milo’s recent Muslima smuggery certainly was the cat’s pyjamas, Fry’s unflappable, against-all-odds resourcefulness and (especially) unshakeable tact simply are iconic.

      To cap the entire “smarter hired help” trope, I can only refer to Nick Park’s marvelous Wallace & Gromit claymation. Einsteinian Gromit’s long suffering forbearance of Chuck’s Woosterish vacuity is pure comedy gold.

      Be that as it may, your entire Passepartout’s-Wall-Street-sock-picks routine skewers Trudy and his ilk finer than a five star Michelin kebab (and just as delicious!). Still, it’s a wee bit strange how these self-anointed, attention-whore Social Engineers all hide in the powder room whenever staff trots out that cart of just deserts.

      PS: Only by a nose does this latest jewel of yours edge out that “Cockpit Dialogue” you regaled us with some time back.

  2. I’ve always hated this guy and was sickened when he won the Prime Ministership. Notice that he’s too stupid to come up with a Susan Rice/Barack Obama obfuscation wall so he always chooses the softer road and simply changes the subject. It’s a technique tailor-made for dummies and is a one-size-fits-all solution to any question.

    Q: Did you steal the cookies?
    A: I will continue to do everything in my power to make Canada safe for children everywhere.
    Q: Are you lying right now?
    A: I will always support the brave men and women who lay down their lives for the Canadian people…
    …Fun isn’t it…?

    • Progressives and the Left (and islam, for that matter) are not really into communication and discussion, are they? Witness Antifa’s preferred method of debating (screaming insults and clubbing people over the head). Agree with me or shut up, seems to be the common theme these days (at universities, for instance, and in the MSM).

      JT’s empty words and those of others like him reminds me of the situation in Orwell’s 1984 where “Duckspeak” was used – incomprehensible gibberish communicating nothing except praise and support for the Party. No one understood a word of Duckspeak but that was irrelevant since it was assumed to be in line with Big Brother’s narratives, and that was all that mattered.

      • Agree with me or shut up…

        Rather in keeping with their Muslim confrères, mais non? Save for that niggling little difference in how Islam substitutes “die” for “shut up”. Other than that…

        No one understood a word of Duckspeak but that was irrelevant since it was assumed to be in line with Big Brother’s narratives, and that was all that mattered.

        I say, if it looks like Duckspeak, squawks like Duckspeak, and vacs* like Duckspeak, then it’s Duckspeak! In which case it might be time to £ü¢k a some Duckspeak (only after first wrapping it in duct tape, of course).

        * As in: Hoovering out all truth and meaning.

        Speaking of double talk: Napid day, innit? Quite a ristan in the surmentate. It was brackid this morning but the moistess came later. Do you think the zincan flavid days are here? Say, I was at a political meeting last night and we discussed 0bama’s munctor namic. Got so mad I hit a stranger. What do you think of his gonter? I think he has no vendir and fomently lacks all trace of lartage.

        And now, a word (oder fünf) from the master, courtesy of Mel Brooks:

        (T = 00:06:08) (the closer is critical)

  3. Beautiful.

    Now we know where the word “sex worker” originated. Turdeau’s just making sure that infidel whores aka sex workers are ’employed’ (at taxpayers expense, of course) when Mohammedans need a pound of flesh. Shame doesn’t come into it. The creep is completely free of morals.

  4. You know, if Trudeau had even an ounce of wit or intelligence and wasn’t 100% yoked to the single tactic of blaming Harper, or yelling campaign talking points to every question, he could have answered her: “Why are you so upset and my having found jobs for so many Canadian women?”

  5. “Man maa sno sig , sagde aalen i stegepanden” It probably sounds better in danish but here goes in english anyway : Stay slippery and keep on writhing said the eel in the frying-pan….

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