Lets see if this actually goes where it should go

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2 Replies to “Lets see if this actually goes where it should go”

  1. I have always said Scheer doesn’t want to be PM. I do know Scheer is not intelligent. Now, he’s proving it. I also think it was CPC that leaked the story to Global News.

    Why would Scheer request an investigation that would take months to carry out?

    My thoughts: Investigation will be ongoing for the duration of the entire electoral period. Butts will not always be available and Justin will be traveling. Summer holidays will interfere.

    Meanwhile, MSM will go quiet and RCMP can’t talk. So the story gets buried very fast and people will forget. Meanwhile, Justin does his thing while Conservatives can no longer rehash the issue.

    When the RCMP finally gets around to producing a final report, it will be post-election. Think about it.

  2. He’s a light weight who would possibly be a secretary to a real leader. Organic growth of true leaders in Dystopia,except for Bernier, seems stalled.

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