Woman claims to be the victim, not the man in MAGA hat she attacked for no reason

On Today’s replay of Dennis Prager, the radio host said: “Painting yourself as a victim is a licence to do evil”. He was talking about Jussie Smollett. But it applies even better here.

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4 Replies to “Woman claims to be the victim, not the man in MAGA hat she attacked for no reason”

  1. Melanie Phillips:

    Hoaxes are a kind of false flag operation to cast as villains the victims of such attacks. They are a hallmark of Soviet communism’s strategy of psychological warfare in creating a looking-glass world where nothing is what it seems.…
    Hoax politics is an example of cultural totalitarianism that fries the brain and creates a climate of political, intellectual and moral chaos.…


    • I guess it’s like monetary inflation, which I wouldn’t mind so much … if only it didn’t hit just now right when prices are so high.

      Why do so many hoaxes happen right when psychological projection is at an all-time high?

      “Hoax politics”, hoax economics, hoax Islamophobia, hoax homophobia, hoax genders, hoax climate data, HOAX HOAXES!

      As Melanie Phillips noted, there is “psychological warfare in creating a looking-glass world”. Like so much of historical “warfare” the options are surrender or die.

      To paraphrase Patton, it’s far better ‘making the other poor dumb bastard die for his hoaxing.’

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