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5 Replies to “Why did they move there then? Why not stay in Pakistan?”

  1. Unbelievable! None of them even bothers to speak English!
    She wanted to bring the “honor of this Mohammad to the foreign country”???? She Iives in “the foreign country!”, she draws the welfare from this “foreign country”, she gets the food stamps for herself and her litter from this “foreign country”, she fled her $hithole Pakistan to come here and pushed the streets to be renamed after the $hithole founder??? My blood is boiling!
    How is 1000 signatures enough to push their way through?

  2. As the countdown toward the day that white people are no longer the majority in their own countries continues to tick relentlessly the visage of the future fades slowly into view and it is not a good view in the least. It is a view in which Winston Churchill and George Washington are seen as bigotted slave-owning bastards and the words, “Truth and Reconciliation” are always in the air. It is a view in which our white ancestors are systematically treated with disrespect and our institutions are turned inside out as they are “internationalized” and made more like Pakistan and Somalia. Then they will decide that 90% of the farms and businesses are in white hands and that land redistribution is in order.

    As long as some people have a choice between blaming themselves for their troubles and blaming it all on the white man they will always choose the latter and they will always be angry about it. They will see the nice house and the nice car and they will feel that it has been stolen from them and they will want revenge. And the left wing will always be there to make sure it is spun that way and nobody makes the mistake of trying to get along with each other…

  3. Why did they move there then? Why not stay in Pakistan?

    Fall-off-a-log-simple. Nowhere but in the incredibly abundant and tolerant West will these perpetually swinish parasitic ingrates be showered with such generous welfare, housing allowances, preferential treatment, protected species status, and ABOVE ALL: NEAR INFINITE AND CONTINUOUS OPPORTUNITIES TO HAVE THEIR MUSLIM “SENSIBILITIES” OFFENDED and if not, enjoy swiftly enforced legal protections while they industriously djinn up manufactured outrage over JUST THE PERCEPTION OF having been slighted.

    NOTE: — It is vital to regularly publicize how Muslim-majority Pakistan’s beloved founder and national equivalent of Al-Insan al-Kamil (i.e., The Perfect Man) was a chain-smoking, ham-eating, whisky swilling hypocrite for nearly his entire life.

    Such is the usual double standard and selective enforcement that Islam is so justly infamous for. Who else should violent, lowlife Pakis slobber over than this false irredentist with his very un-Islamic conduct and hyper-destructive partitioning of the Subcontinent?

    As always, this jihadist cheerleader is given a total pass whilst recent overturning of a kangaroo court’s verdict that convicted Asia Bebe on perjured blasphemy charges sparked weeks of riots demanding her beheading.

    Yet, disingenuous Paki Muslims act all butt-hurt and bewildered when they’re told to pull out of their goats, pull up their socks, pack up their camels, stuff the Koran, and get their monobrow, body-bagged harems the £ü¢k back to their precious $h!thølé “Land of the Pure”*. As in: pure misogyny, pure pedophilia, pure Theocracy, pure homophobia, pure poverty, pure corruption, and all of the other “pure” harbinger’s of Islam’s just-around-the-corner celestial bordello.

    * Which is exactly what “Pakistan” means.

    (Test: ?, Ñ)

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