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5 Replies to “Migrant to The Netherlands plays Ace of Race cards for parking infraction”

  1. So when did the police lose all their power? Who voted for that? You didn’t use to be able to act like that with the police or they would hurt you bad. Now, all over the Western World, the police seem to be powerless to do anything besides acting like McDonald’s employees and making polite suggestions as the guy screams obscenities at them. By taking the sense of “authority” away from police we run the risk of making them ineffectual and endangering us all by doing so…

  2. Guaranteed this entitled little fool is a Mohammedan. I just love the way they totally lose it when they are manhandled by a filthy white female kuffar infidel. In the cell, away from the prying cameras, I would hope that some “correction” was applied to this little twerp.

    • He swears fluently in Arabic (zemmel etc) and speaks broken Dutch. His Dutch is so bad in fact, he probably didn’t grow up in the Netherlands.
      Going by his looks (there’s a moment where he isn’t blurred), I’m pretty sure this guy is Moroccan, from the Maghreb anyway. So, statistically there’s 1% chance he’s Christian (according to CIA World Factbook), and a vanishingly small chance he’s Jewish. But I don’t see either behave like this, let’s not kid ourselves.

  3. How many gubment overpaid unfireable over-pensioned gubmint union grunts does it take to take someone out of a car and put him in another.

    Still, no one really knows.

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