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4 Replies to “Twitter violates its own terms to ban people who do not agree with marxist view of human sexual dimorphism”

  1. Just had a three day ban from fb after commenting without malice whatsoever. comments re trans people are heavily censored. Ridiculous as these people need help with their confusion, nor needles, surgery, etc.

    • Ridiculous as these people need help with their confusion, not needles, surgery, etc.

      Welcome to a world where “confusion” (be it, sexual, philosophical, economic, cultural or political) is a desired outcome on all levels.

      This turmoil allows the elite (and their coterie of Social Engineers) to pretend that they know better than those who must find some way to navigate the gauntlet of multicultural hell without being divided and conquered.

  2. Bravo to this gal and also MARTINA.
    For her sensible comment about sports and trans
    Clearly genetic DNA male/female tests must eventually
    Be deciding factors as to whether athletes enter male or
    Female events….
    Superficial operations and hormones are Not deciding factors
    On gender for Olympic or other high level sports
    Or professional or even high school or university level
    More educated people must speak out on this bizarre issue
    And not be bullied by the frothing rabid masses

    • What people mistakenly call a “sex change operation” would better be called “an extreme make over”.

      Stapling furry ears on my head and some pipe cleaner on my gluteus Maximus would not make me a dog anymore than silicone sacs and an amputation of the external genitalia would make me a woman. It might arguably make me no longer a man in some ways however. I’ll give them that.

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