German government lies by omission on knife-crimes till 2022

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From this German language news source 

Statistics on knife attacks in Germany will not come until 2022.

A separate statistics on the number of knife attacks in Germany will come only in 2022. This was announced by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Many data can then no longer be captured.

Increase in knife attacks 2014-2017/in highlighted German states

Published: 04.02.2019 – 11:17 | editors (mk) There is a serious cut in the number of reports of knife attacks. Before the fall of 2015, such attacks usually occurred in the dispute over supremacy in certain circles (drug crime, red light milieu and so on). Victims of these attacks were mostly people who also moved in those circles.

Since autumn 2015, however, this picture has changed dramatically. Again and again and more often girls and young women were victims of such knife attacks. Combined with several stab wounds, often also behind. Concerning the suspect, the reports are very similar: young, strong man, southern type. Some of these knife murderers have already been arrested. These were predominantly “refugees” who did not reach Germany until the autumn of 2015. In the media and on the part of the politicians one found then also very quickly apology reasons: it concerns “individual cases”, the perpetrators are “traumatized”.

The demand to capture the knife attacks in their own statistics refused the old parties and their police officers. Raw data was not sufficiently available, was one of the flimsy justifications. But now the knife attacks are supposed to be recorded in a separate statistic – from 2022!

That’s too late, says Oliver Malchow, Federal Chairman of the Union of Police (GdP).


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