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5 Replies to “Austrian women are afraid”

  1. Doctor and former MP Marcus Franz says white girls in Vienna, Austria have begun wearing Islamic headscarves to prevent street harassment by male Muslim migrants.

    In this rush to conform with sharia law, not just Viennese, but many Western women seem to forget that, in order for it to fit properly, the headscarf must be knotted quite snugly at the throat. It is, after all, a rather large piece of fabric.

    What everyone seems to forget is that this habiliment only functions best when it is wrapped tightly around the neck. Preferably that of whichever criminal invader happens to be harassing women or children at the moment.

    In all other situations, this article of apparel should carried in the purse, neatly folded and enclosed by a sanitary bag. Saddest of all is how so very few people seem to realize that this yardage can serve a third and valuable function. Especially if kept close at hand in the loo.

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