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8 Replies to “At least we are still allowed to fight back. #Covington Kids”

  1. Video: “Sandmann lawyer: Letters sent to New York Times, Today Show, 50 others may precede suits”
    by Cameron Knight and Max Londberg – Published on Feb. 1, 2019


    McMurtry said the following organizations and people are those who can expect to receive the letters, which were all sent by the close of business on Friday.

    The Washington Post
    The New York Times
    Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN)
    The Guardian
    National Public Radio
    Atlantic Media Inc.
    Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.
    Diocese of Covington
    Diocese of Lexington
    Archdiocese of Louisville
    Diocese of Baltimore
    Ana Cabrera
    Sara Sidner
    Erin Burnett
    S.E. Cupp
    Elliot C. McLaughlin
    Amanda Watts
    Emanuella Grinberg
    Michelle Boorstein
    Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
    Antonio Olivo
    Joe Heim
    Michael E. Miller
    Eli Rosenberg
    Isaac Stanley-Becker
    Kristine Phillips
    Sarah Mervosh
    Emily S. Rueb
    Maggie Haberman
    David Brooks
    Shannon Doyne
    Kurt Eichenwald
    Andrea Mitchell
    Savannah Guthrie
    Joy Reid
    Chuck Todd
    Noah Berlatsky
    Elisha Fieldstadt
    Eun Kyung Kim
    Bill Maher
    Warner Media
    Conde Nast
    The Hill
    The Atlantic
    Ilhan Omar
    Elizabeth Warren
    Kathy Griffin
    Alyssa Milano
    Jim Carrey

    • Is that enough to force the owners of the corporate media to close out or sell off?
      Very concentrated holdings: something like 6 owners control 80% of MSM.

  2. The diocese did apologize to the students and parents, especially the young boy that was singled out. I’m not sure when but I read about it last week sometime on the Catholic News. The news article said a spokesman for the Diocese had said they were opening an independent inquiry. And It sounded like a genuine apology, I don’t remember the wording now, but it was more than a simple “Sorry.” They realized they’d made a rush to judgement. The article didn’t say whether the people involved had accepted their apology or not.

    • Exculpatory bleating, weak “sorry”.
      Took way too long.
      They didn’t grovel.
      But forgiveness is a virtue, so maybe:
      • Fire [or demote] everybody responsible for the decision to condemn, then double-down, then delay;
      • Eat full tuition for all the children of these families, K-12.

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